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Having re read my post I decided to edit the word [edited], however I can't seem to find any way to edit it.


So in the next best thing I can do is apoliogize for having posted the word....


##### you are the best thing since sliced bread and I was being an [edited] to have responded to your post with profanity.


I also do not feel it is in the best intrest of this forum for me to keep making such a fool of myself.


Therefore I shall leave the group to enjoying your posts #####.


Two of us are definately not needed.



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Word in question edited as you wished


The job is sort of only half accomplished in my opinion....

My Gawd... what does it take to make you happy??? Would you be satisfied if skywrench squished us all (who disagree with you) like little bugs??


Is there any of us on here that you do not enjoy berating?? Or is it just that the only way to make yourself happy, is to make sure others are more miserable than you??


This, for all involved (Kyle and moderators included) is a wonderfull example of how this person works. He/She (wouldn't want to mention any specifics for fear someone might figure out who he/she is..) will go on and on ad nauseum until the oponent is browbeaten into submission. Even though the moderator edited the subject matter to remove what was considered offensive.


This is the kind of mental manipulation that is used by this person to get his/her own way.. And this, my friends, in my opinion

violates the intent, spirit, and rules of the CAAviation forum.
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Stop letting the guy wind you up! We all know an assahola when we come in contact with one,

Remember,he's the only man who, if told to screw himself, could do it.

Sorry #####,but If you act like an ***, don't get insulted if people ride you.





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Hey, we aim to please Elvis ;) .


louie old bud, he's not winding me up because to get wound up, I'd have to take some credence in what he says. I'm merely trying to point out what he has done to you, among many others.. :rolleyes:


Keep up the good replies, I'm sure that eventually the common problem will be realised.. :up:


Cheers all..

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