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Ground Resonance

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When I first started flying French there were some landings when she'd hop back and forth on her skids like that. Basically pilot induced, it all went away when I learned to quiet the squirrel dance. Looks to me like buddy had this situation, then one skid fell off the cart, etc etc etc. Serious lack of fun there. Hope everyone was OK!



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Unfortunate incident but luckily the pilot was ok. I agree that it looks as if buddy bounced his way off an elevated pad and then sat there cockeyed for a bit before he pulled pitch. But it doesn't seem that this is a simple case of dynamic rollover to me. Why did the machine rotate to the left (apparently uncontrollably) and then rollover? Perhaps he dinged his tail rotor when he skidded off the pad, then pulled pitch, had no anti-torque, and rolled her into a ball. One would think that if the machine hooked a skid on the pad, it would have been the left skid, the one lying off the pad, and the machine would have then rolled left with power applied.


On second thought, maybe he just pulled power in a panic, forgot to apply right pedal, then ate the big one?



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