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Hover Control For 2004 Video

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Always wondered what the consesus was on the flight model in the FS series. I'm curious how it compares to the real thing.


And 100ft, don't let anyone hold you back, its your house, let the spirit move you, just don't come dancin' in my living room. ;)

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WILCO tdawe.


Microsoft's FS2004 looks impressive as in the videos this fellow worked so hard to put together. As far as accurately simulating 'the real thing', the helicopters lack any torque reaction whatsoever. Therefore, there is no need to apply pedal inputs for power changes, so no tail rotor drift ect ect. I do find this program useful for demonstrating ADF, VOR, GPS operations however. The frequencies are all accurate so a Canada Flight Supplement is most useful for radio navigation plus ATIS, Grnd and ATFrequencies. Also, I have yet to confirm this first hand but have heard that with a qualified instructor as part of a Transport Canada program, the MS Flight Sim program can be used for instrument time. I stand to be corrected on the latter.



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I spoke to someone at Microsoft before Christmas and they said that a lot of the low level environment was designed with helicopters in mind.


Hovercontrol.com is an excellent FS site for the helicopter community. According to Jordan Moore who runs the site, about half of his several thousand members are helicopter pilots. He also has a database of helicopter models to download free of charge, including an Erickson S-64E. He worked directly with Erickson on the development of the model, which includes a heli-logger and air-tanker. You can fly left or right PIC, but unfortunately you cannot fly from the rear seat. They also recently added a CHL MD500D! He also has ‘flight training’ lessons via the web site for those who want to get more out of the program, but are not pilots.


It wasn’t that long ago that no one would admit that they were using Microsoft’s FS – most thought (or still think) of it as a game versus a training aid as limited or unlimited as it may be. I believe that FlyIt Simulators is upgrading their simulators to the newest FS 2004 (FS9) program, which offers stunning graphics all around.


I have attached a few pictures for those that are not familiar with graphics in FS9 to see for yourself.


Is anyone else out there using FS9, and if so how do you find it?

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