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Pop Out Floats

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Guest BeeBee

If I remember the floats can only be armed for flight below 500 feet and speeds below 80 knots.

If he was going higher and faster then the floats should not be armed........stupid, I know.

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This is not Mr. O’Connell’s first accident on the Vineyard. In July 2002 he was involved in a fatal boating accident off Chappaquiddick and was charged with motor boat homicide. He was later placed on probation for six months.


Sounds like the guy has had a few "issues" there. :shock:



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this guy sounds like a piece of work


Reports on Martha's Vineyard claim he was a hazard at the helm


William O'Connell, who was one of the two at the controls in Saturday's helicopter crash, was allegedly at the helm of his boat back in 2002 when it chopped up a family friend, according to a source on the island. He was arrested after fleeing the scene.


He reportedly claimed afterward that he hadn't noticed the carnage, but was suspected of being under the influence at the time. He had been drinking but blew under the limit by the time he was tested so no felony charges were filed.

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I guess we'll just disagree on that one.

I saw and heard it happen.

He's lucky he didn't have his legs between the flite-steps and the bag.



I've seen several, and they follow JetBox's version....the squib makes the loud bang and the floats fill quickly, but not at any great force to break anyones legs.


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