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Converting Fixed Wing To Fling Wing


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Well said Skidmark!!!

Another thing to consider when looking at fling wing schools is what type of A/C do they use for the training. We have plenty of 100hr wonders apply for an entry position job in our company and the guys that trained on R22/R44's are prefered over guys that trained on a Bell 47 or a Hughes 300 simply because we operate R44.

Bell 47's are a pretty respectable helicopter but what are the odds you'll be flying one comercialy?

90% of entry level positions in Alberta and B.C. are somewhat related to the oilfield and guess what kind of helicopters are used in the oil field (besides 206 and astars)??

R22 and R44!!!!

If you train on a R22/R44, there's pretty good chances that your potential new employer will consider the fact that he doesn't have to give you an endorsment and that however little your experience is, at least it's on the type of A/C he already owns!

And one more thing, if you join the fling wing club, forget about having any kind of social life for the first 5-10 years of your career. (It will be well worth it!!!!)

Also be prepared to spend lots of time in tent camps swatting flies and other kritters. You probably won't see any civilization between May and September!!!

Good Luck

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Very good advise Jetbox. I agree. I started out in the oil patch on 44's. Another note to anyone looking at fling wing schools. A JetRanger is good idea to get some time in. But, don't let someone try and sell you a sh--load of hours on one. An endorsement and maybe a few other hours of training till you're comfortable with it is all you really need. Some schools seem to use "you need alot of 206" as a way of generating winter revenue.


Your in for a great time if you get into the helicopter biz. No regrets here. Lots of fun and adventures. sidebar- If you don't mind being away from home for long periods of time.


Once again, just my opinion.

Fly Safe



I won't sign my real name because there are probably some flight schools gunning for me now...... Take a number!

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