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I just have to say that I don't do shortcuts in my job, whereever there could be one. I am a hard worker (in my own opinion), just tired of giving up all the best days and holidays for work, rather than spending SOME of them home.


The new job will involve mostly base work, a possibility to rebuild my IFR experience and get towards the next job in line.


I have to admit that I have only lasted 2 years in most jobs, although one job was not me quitting (and no, I did not get fired either...).


So looking at #1, new job involves a step in the right direction, good salary, no commute, not too many bush days, (more bush days than home days this year), not too much travel, and a chance to be home on the days that count.


The grass... Yes it has many shades of green and brown, not to worried about that, just want to make myself and the wife happy.


Just curious, Skidz Up, were your comments pointed at me, or MMike?? as I see it, I have not put anything disloyal to my employer here.


Thanks again all


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Lots of good advice on both sides of the fence hear. My experience has bee working an extra month on 1 days notice loyal as **** to the company sometimes putting my job before my wife. ( I know what a moron. ) Worked 2 Christmas's and this new guy came along with more experience they kept to there ways and gave me 3 days notice I was no longer needed. So as far as being loyal to any one but myself to me is a no brainer. I don't have any hard feelings to the old company they actualy did me a favor. I love my new job and the guys I work with just do there job and don't try to make themselves look better than you. In conclusion to my rant is companies look out for there best interests. You had better do the same.

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Don't worry too much about spending a few years in each job.

Helicopter pilots seem to be a wandering, transient bunch by nature.

I suspect it is that personality feature that partly attracts us to a job like this in the first place, and it is also a useful trait to have considering the whims of some of our employers.


Have a look at most small operators........they are usually a guy that bounced from company to company (often doing good work), but constantly thinking they could do it better on their own....and so they set-up shop themselves.


Be careful of base-work though. It can be great, but it's not for everyone.

Yes, you are home most nights.....but not until after dark, and then you are back at the hangar by dawn. You are glued to a cell-phone, if you ever do get some time away from the hangar.

And often the only chance you get for a day-off is when the weather is too appalling to fly.....good luck playing a round of golf that day.

Think carefully about this position before accepting it. It wouldn't be good to take this job, then be disappointed, and be writing back to us for more advice in just a few months.


On the other hand, doing tours away from home can be great for some guys, but terrible if you have little children.


P.S. SkidsUp's comments were in reply to a direct quote by BeeBee from page 1.

Though somehow BeeBee wasn't credited for it, his posts (and attitude) are getting to be quite unique and recognizable.

Hopefully MMike won't follow his lead too closely.




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Egg Driver.


I think you missed the point. Obviously there are going to be folks that remember you. You have close friends in the industy, who yes will miss you. There are folks that I think about alot, who are no longer with us. The point is life goes on, and most companies will still operate even after a tradgedy occurs. Someone else will be in your seat and the work will still be done. Using the excuse that the company would be in so much trouble if you left just doesn't cut it.


Your family however will forever be impacted by you not being around.

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I'm not entirely sure what you mean by that, but I assure you, I have high approval standing on other forums



The highest possible standing actually.......



LOL, and the topics on that board are applicable here how????

work your way up the ranks here then you can become narcissistic by Vertical standards. :rolleyes:


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