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As350 Problems?


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Is this a joke? Has anyone else heard this?? I certainly hope you are mistaken or joking. :shock: However I did hear that the OMNR has now put out a new rule that employees cannot fly in rotary wing aircraft with outside temperatures below -25c. This rule applies to both OMNR machines and contract operators. Maybe the 2 stories were somehow mixed up.

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Firehawk, where you been? There has been an AD out since last year about turning off hydraulics in the Astar. Nobody can turn them off for training.


There was another incident last week in ontario where an Astar had a hard left cyclic input. The pilot could not control it and turned the hyd back on, that's all I know. If he could not control it, that's probably why the two-pilot thing.


The new AD is not on the Transport website yet, but there were 7 ADs against the Astar last year with 8 against the B3. The 206L had none, and the 407 had one. You would think that after 25 years they'd do a little better than that. I wonder why anyone still buys these things, they are nothing but trouble and Aerospat doesn't support them at all. :down:

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407, You let that character in your hanger? Oh thats bad news, Dont believe a word he says unless its all good.

He doesnt go by Dan, we refer to him as Mr.Flint. You can let your imagination run from there. Yes Iam relaxing at home till tomorrow then Iam off to the big city of Abbotsford for a day of flying. Then back to the Monashees to relax some more.

Its pretty hard to call that work there.

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