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As350 Problems?


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For all those waiting for the New Astar AD by TC tomarrow, It has come from good sources that it has been cancelled!!!


Hopefully Eurocopter will come to the industry professionals and talk it over for some big decisions that have to be made concerning cold weather ops and Hydraulics in general!


Everyone fly Safe


Lets attack the problem here, not the people. If we all brainstorm here, maybe there is a logical explanation.

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Can I add my two cents on this without being browbeaten by a particular individual?


First off, to address the chance there was something 'changed' with the servo's...


If I am not mistaken, both types of servos, Samm (Goodrich) and Dunlop have been identified in hard overs. Might I be wrong to suggest that the servo's can be eliminated as a cause, simply because it is highly unlikely that both different types would cause similiar problems.


Next, look at what is left in the system, as stated earlier, the belt did not fail on this last incident, so that can be ruled out, unless slippage was the culprit. Leaving the pump, and various lines, accumulators and solenoids. We can assume the pump was tested right? We can also assume accumulator pressure was tested and fell with-in limits right? Can we also assume that the electrical wiring for the system and accumulators was checked as well? How about if the solenoids had proper contact and were making a good connection themselves? Lets say hypothetically one accumulator wasn't discharged because of an intermittent wiring fault, how would this play out in the whole situation?

Just a few more things to ponder. Inquiring minds want to know.

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To all HAC members


No action will be taken against the AS 350


For the time being, no action will be taken that would hamper AS 350 operations. Eurocopter will undertake entensive cold weather testing of the AS 350 hydraulics system as of February 5th. If all goes well final resolution of the issues raised by AD 2003-15 will occur after test results have been analysed and a comprehensive report submitted to TC.


For your information you will find attached a copy of the draft revision of AD 2003-15 that was submitted to HAC for comment on Friday January 23rd at 17:00 and which was, at that time, scheduled to be issued Tuesday January 27th 2004. You will also find a copy of the HAC response submitted Saturday January 24th at 17:00.


If any new information becomes available HAC will keep its members posted.


Brian Jenner

HAC, President & CEO

Tel 418-656-0900

Fax 418-656-0833

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Hightower, I'm not 100% sure here, but when I talked with an OMNR pilot this summer, he mentioned that they had some hyd problems during the warm months. There were abnormal control forces while performing the hyd off test prior to take off. This happened this summer, but like I said, I'm not 100% on this.


Talking about poor designs, who thought up the dual hyd system in the 205 with 212 blades ?? Lose #2, and the engine and you have an unrecoverable situation, since the collective can't go down far enough. :down: Someone sure wasn't thinking on that one.




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Yes you are correct in regards to an OMNR pilot having servo problems during the summer months. This I know for fact. Although I am not fully aware of what the end result was I do believe that a servo was taken from the ship and sent for further testing. In addition I heard that officials from eurocopter came down to investigate.

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