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As350 Problems?


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Yes it was, and although it was night doubt it would have changed anything as cyclic would only move in one direction thus ended up almost inverted. FOD was from remote hydraulic power pac I believe.


Also another servo problem with operator out of PG was cause of other fatalities in 206 in late 80s. Probably others as well. Servo problem could have been overcome had hyd been switched off but FOD in hydraulic system = crashed ac almost always.

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Although is not tc position, it is a good idea, it is a very commendable thing to circulate what they know. This type of circulation of information is remminiscent of how things used to be, obviously it was not anything formal. If you knew this of the information why didn't you post it here? It is not harmful in any way to do so!!!

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If you knew this of the information why didn't you post it here?  It is not harmful in any way to do so!!!

Because there is not a shred of evidence to support it, and to mention it would only add to the speculation. The moisture in the hydraulic system idea is certainly not new - I've seen it twice myself in A-Stars. I didn't mention that either.


You also say

Just heard unofficially that Astar AD will be revised to allow for inflight hydraulics off flying. Hopefully will be for training purposes as well, not just to allow flight testing
I'd be interested to hear your source. Of course, everyone is working toward that goal.
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;) Well said Randy, in regards to the 2x5 issue. I had a #2 Hyd system failure (pump) in Ontario in 98' with a sling load in the old 2x5 A-1, had to literally "sit" on the collective to get helicopter to start any kind of downward motion, once I was established in ground effect @ about 10 kts had to beep back linear accuator and" slowly" reduce throttle to attain ground contact even after ground contact couldn't get collective all the way to "bottom". A non event now that I look back on it. However it does raise some questions in regards to "System Safety" this individual problem was traced back to the overhaul facility. Eurocopter System Safety does not seem to be addressing a re-accuring problematic hydrulic system nor are they advising industry of efforts being made of this new "mystry phenomenon" leaving operators and pilots to draw there own conclusions. HAC does a wonderful job of keeping it's members, as informed as it can. Unfortunatly this does not blanket all operators and leaves them in the preverbial abyss. I personally do not work the A-star proffesionally, and have only flown it a couple of times, personally I thought it to be " Easy to start , fun to fly , have an emergency and you might die". :P This hardly quantifies me as a source of intel on this A/C , however, I do have a lot of very dear friends that do "work" this helicopter and it worries me that we as an industry are not taking on and tackling this "problem" with all of our collective resources to try and solve or at least identify this mystry immediately. All of the suggestions made in this forum warrant merit. I appauld the efforts that are being made by CTD and his counter-parts to intiate a formal communication line (Vortex, AD's, confering with the manufacter,test flying,etc..) to "brain storm and address" industry problems like "Hydrulic issues". 4961, 407, as well as all the guys that fly it at my place of employment who are" working and have worked" these various models BA, B1,B2, raise some very interesting points, I personally hold all of these indivduals with the highest regard. This "mystry problem "should be addressed before another "unfoutnate" incident or accident occurs, and we as indusrty "Engineers,Pilots, and Operators" are left guessing, rather than working the problem. As pilot I thought we were all taught this form of thinking from day 1 of the " white knuckled, sweat hover", as pointed out earlier in this forum" Helicopters don't fix themselves". Hopefully "we" can provide our people with the right training required to operate and maintain these Helicopters safely. Unfortunatly we have to wait on the manufacter to recognize and intiate the first step to rectifying the problem, otherwise we will constantly be dealing with "knee-jerk reactions" from regulatory bodies and feel like we have been given front row seats to yet another impending disaster.



This picture was not due to Hydrulics, but snow ingestion. However you get the point that "we" need to work the problem from both ends.

Again, this only my humble opinion. B)


Cheers, BD6.

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Big Duke 6, good thing that hyd failure didn't happen when you had that rear x-tube break on ya in White River. ;) You did a great job puttin her down that day !!! :up:


Waaaay off topic here, but a Blackhawk just flew by the window here in YYC.



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You are right we all have to work together to fix this problem, and seems like the threat a grounding them all has provided that motivation, seen more action this week than previous 6 months. But your comment of "have emergency your gonna die" is without a doubt the most awe inspiring bit of ridiculousness have read in awhile. Have been flying that plastic special for almost twenty years and over half my flight time is them.(all but B3) and have the utmost respect for its docile handling in autoration, it does not change radically like some types with heat and gross weight. Think how well a 212 would do at max gross and little wind before any comparison stories of how well mabell does. Emergency gov failures; how many light non-fadec tubines have the ability to handle both high and low side failures. Showing the pic of Astar crash was nice, very inspiring to those of us Astar pilots, but have already seen enough crash pics/sites to know what happens when gravity takes over. Have not flown 407 much and would love to fly more but save my personall comments on their problems to beer/friends. Remember, alot of low time/non industry people read these posts.

Was wondering why the incident you had with the 205 you descride as "non-event" when if the engine had failed would have relocated said collectve from outside to inside your body and we'd be speculating how so many people knew of this problem and how nothing was done regarding the lack of autorotative ablility when one of the hydraulic systems fails.


But people have known this for 30+ years.


So you live with your types inherent missgivings, and I won't pick on you if you don't pick on me.





What is wrong with a little speculation? It not like speculating that it was errant radio waves off the shuttle. I would think that the smaller companies or less experienced folks wouldn't mind hearing a decent theory, maybe they are busy changing their hydraulic oil as we speak. Sounds like you already have a theory on the problem, eh?


I couldn't devulge my source but it was friend of friend via TC.

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I guess we have differing opinions on speculation then. I think it just spreads falsehoods, and does infinitely more harm than good. In a closed group, it is at best a form of intellectual sport, or chest puffing, which has its place for sure. At its worse, it can cause hurt to loved ones, like happened here a year ago when the son of the downed OMNR pilot was in here looking for answers.


Of course I have theories.

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You are so right regarding what is considered speculation. Perhaps speculation should be left to stock traders and farmers. What I would think that we should be responsible her for is networking or brainstorming, in other words putting ideas out there for due consideration in a positive form. I have been in that situation looking for answers, tough call but sometimes information does make people who are lost feel comfort and that there may be a reason for what has occured. Most intelligent people can sort through the wheat and chaff in their own good time. For sure though scare tactics from ill informed people does nothing positive true enough.


Love to hear it some time.

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