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As350 Problems?


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I heard today that a Canadian Astar in Quebec had a hydraulic failure back on December 8th and the pilot said the forces were much higher that he had seen in training and they were fore and aft, not lateral. Hee had 15000 hours. He was towing a bird and had to drop it because he couldn't hover, even though he had trained to put the bird down.


All that is fine, but Transport just found out about it which means that Canadian didn't tell anyone even though there was an AD against the hydraulic system!!!! Apparently Transport found out about the latest one 'by accident' as well. How would you like to work for a company that held back information on two incedents in a system thats the subject of an AD????? :down: :down: Not good.

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:o Skullcap, Maybe you should re-read my post but this time keep this in mind. My comment on the A-Star was in quotation meaning I was simply reiterating what I was told by the Check-pilot while he was giving me my introduction to type and with my limited time on type I agreed with his comment. As I mentioned in my previous post I'am far from an expert, and highly respect the opinions of those pilots that do fly it and there concerns, which if you have been reading this topic is raising concerns by AStar pilots like yourself. Maybe you mis-interpreted my post? In highlighting the 205's shortcommings on an Helicopter I do have a lot of experience with, I was simply trying to highlight that regardless of type we need to work collectively to resolve these problems.


And yes, I'am very aware of who reads these forums the picture was to hit home to all of us what happens when we don't react to these problems!!!! Which judging by your rebuttle seems to have worked! I wasn't trying to engage you in a pissing match over types or use scare tactics. My apologies if this picture affended you our your counterparts, however this picture is found in Aircraft Mishaps on this site. I thought it pretty much summed up the point, That is if we don't address these problems we will always be faced with these types of results.


So relax there oldtimer,I'am not disagreeing withyou, quite the opposite actually! <_<


Cheers BD6

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Mag seal:


Thanks for the reply...I ask because I'm interested in the idea that was floated by the TC fellow recently about water contam in the fluid perhaps caused by condensation from heating and cooling of the machine...and maybe some companies haven't been experiencing the same issue because the oil is getting changed out. It seems to follow some kind of logic....and I find that the answer to these types of things usually do follow some type of logic....sometimes


As for the BH06 1000hr hydralic fluid...glad I've never seen it either!

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Hey BD6;


No problem, sorry bout that, trigger mechanism gets rather worn with time sort of like, well you know who.


Don't be afraid of one of these plastic beasts, but they're so quiet, you may not like it compared to all that noise of a twin huey(kinda like the sound a twin pac spooling up on final myself though).




Oooh scary, had hydraulic failure in cold, had to drop bird. PS harder to fly Astar in cold winter day with load than training in summer. If bird not meant to be dropped shouldn't be called bird and hung on cargo hook. A/c is ok so is pilot. Fella few years ago bet he wishes he dropped the **** bird.


Last incident still has no results, still waiting though, still doing my checks, still got head up.


Take no offence dude but don't be flapping on about how bad another company is unless you been there, done that. Worked for the big bird over a decade and had nothing but the best training and got paid what they said they'd pay me for. There is a lot of professional types there that were doing your job when I was chowing down on a fudgecycle, and they were kids working for a big helicopter company when they started. History, respect, not dollars and fuggit, kinda tired of the crap throwing.


####! **** trigger.



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chairmanofthebored, question for you regarding your comments post on page 6. Does freedom of speech include slandering another pilots name?

I think cyclic monkey was a little to kind to you in his rebuttal(also on page 6).I think we have enough people trying to blame us pilots,without us jumping on each other.

If you insist on your rights to freedom of speech. The least you could do would be to put your signature on your post.

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I agree with your point about let's wait for the investigation to be completed. so one has to be careful when pointing fingers.

This pilot(no name mention) does have a family and his passangers also. we should have some consideration for them. If one looks at the number of hits to this site, which was 3.1 million last month. There is more than us pilots reading the posts. If not

members 612........49020/month..........1634/day



when we think outside the cocpit we are not the ones using this site.

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I don't understand what your stats indicate. I personally log on multiple times a day, and if many others do too, that will sure pump up the daily tallies. Yes I agree many people not involved directly in aviation may be searching around, but how many make it into the forum and wish to spend an ungodly amount of time reading and sifting through all the posts. Maybe some reporter is out there looking for a scoop on a story, but where will it go on hearsay and soft facts? They'll likely stick to official reports themselves. As for family searching for answers...why sugarcoat it?

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