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Are You Crazy For Crazy Videos?

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Now why is that guy crazy?...Fricking Genius if you ask me. ****, no-ones going to teach him so he goes and does it himself. I got nothing but respect for this guy. What does qualify as crazy is that the guy went ahead and flew it anyways after being told not to by Chinese authorities. Probably shoot him, and send his family the bill for the bullet.

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Crazy in the both the good and bad sense I suppose.


I do admire his ability to build it up, test fly it, crash it, and rebuild it and have the guts to fly again! I suppose I was meaning 'crazy' more to suggest that it was unbelievable both what he had accomplished and what he was doing and the environment in which he was flying it.


Good on him! Just hope nobody gets hurt. Wish I had the skills to design and build one.



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