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Drill Move

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Hey everybody,


Going to do my first drill move in a week or so, just wondering if anyone's got any advice? Pit falls to avoid or things that may make it a little less intimidating.


Any advice will be well received, thanks in advance




ps. I have already searched the forums and have found nothing of substance, so please don't "advise" me to search the forums.


thanks again

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Just relax, take it slow, and it'll go just fine.


It's not as hard as many would have you believe, and drillers are not interested in speed, so wiping the parts in at 40kts isn't the goal here.


If your crew is standing on the pad with a drill part 20ft final looking bored out of their minds, you're doing just great. Running on the other hand... not so much.


I always aim to have the parts slowed up to a walk about 20ft final, and about 10ft high, then just bring it to the guys, they'll put it right where they want it. If you're in the open, or in the mountains, a flatter approach works well as there's less collective movement at the end, making your life easier.


Give someone a camera and send us some pics... ;-)


Best of luck.



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some good advice... DRILLERS LIE. Dont be afraid to tell em its too heavy, and that you dont give a sh-t if the last guy could do it. The last guy probably didnt do it either despite what they said. Tell em to get out the tool box and break it down. Dont feel like you are putting them out by asking either, they know the routine.

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All good advice so far. If they feel safe below you, things are on the right track. Speed will come as you get used to the whole show. Never sacrifice safety for production.


Another good thing to do, especially for your first time is go have a real good look at the drill while it is in pieces and have a good talk with the foreman to make sure you have a better picture of how things go together.


I really like using a bearing type swivel on my hook because those loads usually spin like nuts.


Also, make sure they give you the radio frequency for the hand helds... Trying to move drills with no communication is a real pain in the... And go over what hand signals they will want to use before hand.


You were talking about diamond drills, not seismic drills right?


Good luck and have fun out there.

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Yip get standard hand signals and have ONE guy telling you what to do so you haven't got three guys telling you something different

Average drill set up takes about an hour to move a mile, 5 miles=5 hrs...please correct me if wrong someone, been a couple years since Ive done it.

Driller will often look at load so you can get an idea how high it is off the ground

take your time.

Don't focus on top of the tower when Demobing as it will start to sway a bit when the pins start coming out. And go light on gas when demobing for the first time especially the tower,as you won't know the weights..





And don't forget to breathe :lol:

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All good comments so far....stay with the basics and reduce your workload....know where the wind is, stay light on fuel, use the load shadow etc...watch out for the mud tank (they do have the kitchen sink in it) and drillers are still transitioning to metric...whatever they say it weighs...double it and add 30!!!!

First you get smooth, then you get fast. Have fun.

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