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In Known Icing..........

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Puma's, I'll ask some of the lads here in the know but if my memory serves correct there are 7. HS (CHC) has 3, Icelandic Coast Guard has one and we are drivin' the other three ships.


Gotta love it, with todays technology all a/c should have it. :up: :up:

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nah decu dude.........


just hangar talk...... i was saying that there was only the puma and another said there was more. just trying to get the facts straight. buddy said he saw a blackhawk with de-ice! comments anyone?


by the way decu, long time man. our coffee buddy is a little concerned as to your well being. stay in touch amigo. personally, i think you are having way too much fun out there :D :shock: :D

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