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Building A Hanger, Ideas Required (pilots And Maintenance)

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Hey everyone,


We are an operator with 23 helicopters and we are building a hanger with the blueprints already approved but we are wondering if we could get some idea's about specifics you really liked about some hangers you have worked or noticed crossing the country.


Ideas, likes, dislikes inside and especially outside. We have heard some great ideas like a sloped floor with a drain just inside the hanger door for washing, and stands for working on around the helicopter instead of ladders, But we could use a lot more ideas.





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3 and 4 step aluminum saw horses used as stands for the working on the helicopters work awesome, room for two guys, stable, etc.


Also, in floor heating a must, helicopter blades hate radiant heaters....


Our hangar has a floor drain system around the outside of the shop floor area, very handy. Slope floors are okay but if theres stuff in the way between the machine and floor drain, everything gets wet...


Crane system for lifting, better to overshoot on the crane, something that can safely lift the largest machine you have..travel is fairly important as well....think about removing an engine...after you lift it straight up out of the frame where do you put it... can the machine be moved out from underneath it, can the engine be travelled over the machine, etc, etc. The crane should have two speeds for all movements, slow and fast....you want something that moves slow for lifting out engines, trannys, or even the entire machine.


Just a couple of thoughts to get you started.

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You may want to consider a hanger within a hanger. We have this, which allows the AMEs to do major or minor overhauls, and allow the main hanger to be used operationally. Thus, in the winter with the doors being opened and closed the maintenance hanger remains warm! The other factor is you don't have customers looking at your heli in a "thousand little pieces"

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Transparent garage doors, it's the best light source you can get.

Build it High enough, our's is missing a foot to lift a medium transmission with its mast.

Fully paved pad.

A convenient size Store, shipping area, receiving area, few desk, lots of shelves(stores inventory always get bigger)

An independant office for DOM, QA, Shop foreman.

Component clean room

small room for painting

A nice lunch room


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due to building regulations, the crew quarters is a no go, I like the hanger in a hanger idea and an oversized outside entry into stores for bigger items should may be incorporated. What about water or power to the landing pads, and small water proof storage worth while or a waste of money?

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I've always had a dream, but due to financial constraints and the lack of desire to have a bunch of wankers working for me I haven't been able to do this, but would be proud if someone else stole my idea and made a good run of it. I'm sure it would be the best feature of any hanger out there. and if you thought your resume pile was big, wait until they know you have this..............


scroll down.























































































stripper pole, complete with stage and perv row. :punk:

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a good crane system, is a must!! don't go cheap here...and if you have multiple bays, have a removable center door post that can be slid over so you can get those 3 bladed machines through the door with their blades on. compressor in a small heated room outside attached to the hanger is nice too, as they are pretty noisy. good luck.

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