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Who Has The Oldest A-star?

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there are some in excess of 20,000, i don't remember the reg's, I'm currently working on one just shy of 20,000.....


they're getting up there some of these old birds. And with some companies banging out over a 1000 a year.....it won't take long for many more to reach that milestone


to tell you the truth, we should call up the tour ops from the states....those guys go thru the hours fast.....

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Aérospatiale 350 Ecureuil > 350C AStar c F-WVKH 1 F-WVKH

Aérospatiale 350 Ecureuil > 350B b F-WVKI 2 F-WVKI

Aérospatiale 350B Ecureuil > 350B-1 b1 F-ZBEA 1003 F-WZAL,F-GBBQ,F-ZBEA



Aérospatiale 350 Ecureuil > 350C AStar c F-WZAG 1001 F-WVKJ,F-WZAG · · · · · · [w/o]



1001 was written off .



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