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Machine Down.........

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define "normal"............ :P:D



speaking for myself ONLY, i MAY demonstrate a 360 from a safe altitude, say 2000' , planning to fly out (no touch down). mainly to teach "the LZ just passed under you and the engine quit" scenerio. the thing we need to remember is that this is TRAINING!! like my Class I told me, "never forget that you can roll the throttle in and fly out of a PRACTISE autorotation"!




students are working hard enough with straight-in's and 180's


coffee is still brewing firehawk............ :)

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This wasn't an abi-initio student. He was a student working on his instructor rating.

My guess is that they were trying to teach another way at looking at things, instead of the "NORMAL" lessons of straight ins and 180s. RH will probably know more... the student was from CHC.

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We do 360's here, with students (full on and pwr rec.). Always after they have safely demonstrated 180s. 360's are not a flight test item, but they are demonstrated and performed for proficiency. On my class 4 ride I was asked to demo a 360 to pwr rec.


And always as 412 states, if it's not looking good, roll in the throttle and try again. Don't turn a simulated emergency into a real one.

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