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Sea King Replacement

Guest graunch1

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We'll take it, it still looks pretty innovative :D


Just did my last flight in that poor old girl. We flew a HELPAT (Helicopter Patrol) basically the type of sovereignty patrols our Trackers used to fly. They had us circumnavigate PEI and report all suspicious traffic, yeah you heard me right, all that in Feb. We emailed our pictures of the CCG Earl Grey and the ferry from the Maggies, otherwise it was just ice eh....oh well, it was a nice easy cruise and it made for a nice last flight on the Sea King. (8 hours flying and no snags by the way.....)


Now I'm off to Portage at the end of February to instruct young aviators in the skills of piloting helicopters. It will be interesting to re-learn how to fly the little Jet Box after 22 years of flying medium to heavy twin helos. Wadda ya' mean you gotta do an auto if one stove quits.....oh yeah...there is only stove.. :blink:;):P

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I guess so Elvis. The hours are always averaged out of course and some sure do need more fixin' at types. This poor ol' girl (12435) was actually running great and her total that day was 8.5 hours of flight time and she is back on the schedule for Monday, still serviceable.


Now having said that, several are parked waiting for parts or repairs, they're eatin' up the rest of those 30 hours :rolleyes:

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