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I feel I should clear up the reason that I have not posted for a while.


Bear with me and allow me to explain my thoughts.


For fifty years aviation was my life, it never occured to me that I would leave aviation unwillingly.


About three years ago I made a decision that resulted in my losing the business that I worked so long to put in place for my retirement. This has resulted in my seriously contemplating leaving this business and never ever returning.


In a short while I will know if my employer in France has signed a contract that will give me 12 to 18 months of flying in Brazil doing a documentary film for a TV company. Even though this is the perfect retirement contract I am having real difficulty with of all things, the airplane is registered Canadian and is under a Canadian OC.


This will mean that I will have to renew my Canadian IFR, now that should pose no real problem from the flying side as I have been flying IFR since the late fifties and still do so with US registered aircraft.


Simply put my problem is emotional not operational, I cannot seem to shake the feelings of bitterness and mistrust that I have for TC and I am not sure of how I would react when exposed to another TC contact.


Now before you just dismiss this as moaning it is not that, my problem is I owe it to the rest of the crew to not screw up once the program gets started.


So back to the posting issue, I somehow managed to get myself all twisted out of shape and went off on several tangents for over things that several years ago would not even have come on my radar screen.


To sum up, I am not responding to some relatively unimportant things in a manner that would reflect my background and experience.


I hope I will eventually resolve my problems, I just do not want everyone to think that I am deliberately trying to be disruptive over simple things.




Now to a flying related issue.


There was a discussion regarding how to determine wind direction for landing in areas where there are little or no indicators.


There was mention of down wind turns giving a loss of lift which should be identifiable during the turn.


To examine this lets imagine you are flying a helicopter over a flat surface in a steady 10 knot wind.


In this case there is a hot air baloon also airborne near you.


If you were to fly a constant airspeed, altitude and angle of bank and fly circles around the baloon, will the helicopter lose altitude on the down wind side of the baloon?


Conversely in the same wind and flying at a constant air speed and altitude around a flag pole what would be the difference?


Rev. Chas W ..

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For the baloon... Simple answer... No..


With the flagpole, you are referenced to the ground which is not moving in the air, where as the baloon is moving with the airmass.. So, you will have to vary your angle of bank when circling the flagpole depending on which area, relative to the wind, that you are in...


I know it's been at least 20 years since I instructed but wasn't there a chapter in the flight training manual that dealt with this???

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I feel for you Chas,


I too hate dealing with TC. I recently got my ATP signed off and am hoping that I never meet them face to face again. Obviously you will have to have some dealings with them to renew your ticket, but you can got to a private DFTEI for your ride, or perhaps a company check pilot? Has it been more than 5 years? If so, then I guess you'll have to do your written. :(


What I do is drive to an office where nobody knows you and you'll usually get better treatment :) I've had terrible experiences all around with the Calgary office, but the Edmontond muni folks were much more helpful. good luck. cj

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Flight training manual exercise 20: Illusions Created by Drift.


I'm still wondering why an aircraft would lose lift simply due to the direction of a turn relative to the ground.


Upwind / downwind , are terms of reference to the ground, not the aircraft.


As Twotter mentioned, to maintain a constant radius to an object fixed on the ground would require some manoeuvering, whereas the baloon reference Charles gave would be in the same moving airmass and not require a change in aircraft attitude to maintain a constant radius.


So, How does turning one way cause a loss of lift when turning the other way does not?



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wridon.. You have to understand Chuck on this one.. We ended up at the Beaver together the other day and he gave me shite for explaining it so soon... :shock:


Now I do understand why he asked it.. It was to see if anyone was thinking!! I hate to say it but a lot of the new pilots do not benefit from the experience of someone who has been there and done that.. Chuck has and to a limited amount so have I... What he was looking for was someone who could think... And understand what was going on..


Sorry again Chuck.. but the new one you talked to me about sounds good too.. :up:

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Dale: Having a brew with Chuck must have been a hoot...he's funny enough when he's sober.


But here's one...if you loaded 10,00 pounds of chickens onboard Chuck's DC-3, which of course would put it over gross, and you kept the chickens flying in their cages during the flight, what would the T/O weight be and why? :rolleyes:


Of course you would have to hire a couple of very large gorillas to keep the birds airbourne.,

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Old Dog;


First-chickens can't fly, least not very long. If said chickens could fly they would be held up in the same manner as greasy3 so 10000 lbs in the 3 flying or a settin would be 10000lbs. If any different then the 3 would weigh nothing when it was airborne. For each action is an equal and opposite reaction, so if chickens wings push down enough force with their wings to support themselves then that pressure is pushed down on floor. The plane is carring the same mass, picture a load of fish swimming in water on board a plane, no difference.


Interestingly enough, saw two rather experienced folks almost come to blows over this 15 years ago(were pigeons in 747 though). Finally they gave up and just drank beer I think they were too mixed up with one anothers arguments to fight and promptly began arguing over L3 vs 350B.

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