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Vortex Ring On The Move!

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OK, I'm nowhere near as famous a CTD but I'm every bit as capable of accepting bribes and hospitality.


I am posted to Portage to instruct on the Jet Ranger. I will be driving my little blue Jeep TJ from Shearwater to Edmonton starting the 5th of Feb. I'm headed home to St-Albert first before going back to Portage for my course at the end of Feb.


I'd love to visit some of you guys along the way. If you are operating helos, you're my kind of people. Let me know if I can bother you for a coffee or a beer. I've got at least one invite so far....I may travelling at odd hours but I'd love to try and drop in if I can.

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You're going to drive from Shearwater to Edmonton in the first week of Feb??? Holy Crap!!! You'll never have to prove your manhood in any other way. Assuming you are a man of course. If you survive the trip and decide to keep going I'm in Victoria, home of the weather bragging rights. (9 degrees here yesterday). Well I'd like to stay and chat but I'm off to the golf course. TTFN :P

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DB it does sound a bit nuts doesn't it. Oh well it just doesn't bother me. I've done the trip over the Great Lakes in winter at least 12 times in my life. I'm a bit older and wiser now so I won't hesitate to pull over and let the weather do it's thing for a day or two if I need to. The Jeep might be 4WD but I'm not out to fight mother nature. If the roads are nice then I'll keep rolling, otherwise storms have the right of way :P

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Hey VR....I'm only relatively new on the board but if your road trip brings you close to Toronto, drop by Canadian Helicopters at the Buttonville Airport. A bunch of us live in the hanger there so we're there all hours!

It'd be nice to see an east coaster!! I did my fixed wing training at Shearwater at the college there.

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you 'live' in the hanger?


bunkbeds by the consumables cabinet or cots besides the R22? Or do you all cuddle up by the floor drain and sing songs all night?

the back seat of the jetranger is very comfy.........lots of closet space in the cargo area ;)


no they have a hanger next door which used to house an ems heli.......now been changed over into a crew house. the price is right......about 1/100th the price of anyhting else in TO.......


we save sing songs around the drain for "special" nights......

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