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Vortex Ring On The Move!

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Hey VR....I'm only relatively new on the board but if your road trip brings you close to Toronto, drop by Canadian Helicopters at the Buttonville Airport. A bunch of us live in the hanger there so we're there all hours!

It'd be nice to see an east coaster!! I did my fixed wing training at Shearwater at the college there.

Well r22dude I'd like to be able to tell ya that this is only a phase in your career but after 30 years in the biz I still find myself living in the hanger when I am on tour. It's alright. It's warm, its got a kitchen and......................... it's warm. :rolleyes:
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R22 Skipper thanks man. I know Buttonville well. Right now I am hoping to bypass the YYZ area and make good time via YOW but I have family in Kitchener and might be "advised" to visit on my way through. If that is the case I'll gladly drop in and visit this bunkhouse arrangement.


Plus get a chance to see the mighty R22 :up:

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Guest graunch1

VR I sent you a PM with a contact name of of good guy friend of mine in St Albert to look up he is a longtime helio driver on mediums and has lots of 206 time. I forgot to mention that he also spends all his spare time rebuilding L-19s.


Any one out west should know who I mean with that description ;)

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VR, if your travels take you near North Bay, feel free to stop by, I'll pm you phone#. I'm told there's a place here in town called "Fionn MacCool's" where waitresses in plaid skirts serve up some refreshing beverages. We'll get the city map out and find out where this place is. :P

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Thanks everyone. I'm about to loose my internet connection by tomorrow. I will be trying to stop and visit everyone who was kind enough to respond and offer their hospitality.


I'll be the six foot four man of steel....oh alright five foot ten and heavy enough that I don't need any ballast to fly the 206 solo :D

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