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I was reading many posts on flight training with big interest, but I still remain with some questions regarding my status as a "22 year old future foreign student from Switzerland". I know you have to get a Student Visa in order to train more than 6 months (which I'd need for a proper CPL ab initio/full time training, right?). Did you get that before you started training or did you just enter as a visitor and later apply for the visa (you have a six month timeframe..).

Some forum users report that they already had a permanent resident permit before beginning with their training. I suppose you can only get that one by fulfilling the immigration criteria (e.g. skilled worker)?


What would you consider the best option? What was your experience? How did you manage to change your Student Visa to a Working Permit (I cite from www.cic.gc.ca "You must satisfy an immigration officer that you will leave Canada when you have completed your studies.")?


Oh, and I almost forgot: I'm actually favoring a few Heli Schools in the BC area, not naming any here..


Thanks for any advice! Looking forward to reading it.

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