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Ex-military Machines In Canada?

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I personally like em broken in a little, like after 20,000 hrs, you know, all the recurring snags have been addressed. Although my baby gSKY only has 5,000. :punk: :punk: :punk:



My all time fav 206 HHB, she had 21,000 hrs and could lift an A-Star load.


I would say it's economics, we have a very small clientel and a lot of very experienced people, so more companies. I would love to hear from operates in other countries. How much does a 206 go out for in Europe, in Canadian dollars please.


But I gota say, name me another country that has our incredible engineering staff. #1 without a doubt! B)B)



If that's the HHB from H.H. I knew that machine when it still had alcohol injection.

I'd question the astar load, though

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If that's the HHB from H.H. I knew that machine when it still had alcohol injection.

I'd question the astar load, though


Was HHB a skinny panel 206? I flew HSH and it was a really light Agusta airframe with the skinny panel. It performed very well for a 206. I wouldn't know what an Astar can lift but from what I hear they can outperform a 204 so they must be pretty good.


Most everyone I know in this business needs or wants alcohol injection.

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Gentlemen, just a few suggestions for your further conversation regarding "ex-military" R/W flying in Canada and your definition of "old":


1) There have been ex-military R/W flying commercially in Canada for the last 40+ years.......so be careful of what you term "ex-military"


3) During your discussions also keep in mind certain a/c known as 'Brown Bombers' and where you wish to classify them......military or civilian.


4) When doing all of the above, keep in mind that there exists in the world today approximately 1,500 more versions of the Bell 'Huey' series than Bell Helicopter Textron ever produced or had produced under License i.e Augusta Bell in Italy.


5) You must also try to 'classify' Bell 212's that exist with only single hydraulics, so please don't forget them either.



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