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206biii Weight Increased To 3350

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Nomex: The C20R on a 206B3 will give you your horsepower to a much higher altitude.


I think you will find that the C20B is the original turbine and compressor.


The C20R is the original C20B turbine with a larger compressor, the only way you will get more HP is to put in a C28 or C30.


All the C20R does is maintain available HP to a higher altitude.


A 150lb increase is zip. If you have to make a big deal about 150lb, maybe you are flying the wrong machine.




Cheers Don


PS. Most times the governing factor on increasing the available HP on any helicopter is the xmsn, drive train and anti-torque. Should you elect to go that route, you might as well design a new machine.


A good example of high altitude performance is taking two model helicpters and making them into one.


Alloutte 11 and Alloutte111 = Lama, one of the best high altitude performers to this day.


Cheers Don

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that conversion works well for Doug to help out at altitude, but it sounds like the Bell STC is just approving an increase in GW without any help in the horsepower end.
Tx for your reply - I was just giving a shortened version of what you expanded on which was quite complete. My reference to no help in HP end was just that from the limited info we had the only change Bell was making (apparently) was an STC & placards vs any engine/xsmsn changes or mods etc.


A 150lb increase is zip. If you have to make a big deal about 150lb, maybe you are flying the wrong machine


Not wanting to dwell on things, but is this quote directed at the folks (like myself) that posted comments that such a GW increase may be a questionable move, and that as a result of those comments I/we shouldn't be flying the 206? I enjoy hearing all sides to an argument - we all usually learn something from it, but I don't like being told I may be flying the wrong machine, especially from someone who doesn't have a clue who I am or how I fly. Sorry but that's the way your post read.

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Nomex: I went back over what I posted and didn't find anything that was aimed at anybody in particular.


My comments are just that, comments.


Again, without beating this thing to death, I apologize.


I have flown 500C at 8-9000 ft and had to skid them over the edge of a cliff and drop off to get airborne.


Also flew 206b3 at 11,000 density altitude,with the large tail rotor and wishing I had a C20R installed, almost like flying a Bell 47 at 8,000ft with the throttle wide open and flying air currents.


Sorry I offended you.


Cheers Don


PS: I have a hard time shutting up when I'm ahead. Again as you stated I don't know who you are. You will find out that the flight manual was put together on a computer as far as performance criteria is concerned an in maybe one time a year you will meet 15 degrees C, zero wind and sea level.


Every helicopter will not put out the same performance criteria due to the condition of all components, including the driver.


So getting back to the original 150lb increase in gross weight and me saying it was zip, I agree with myself.


Most manufacturer's have cintinuasly built helicopters that were under powered.


And I say again IMHO.

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Let's see,,,,case of beer(12 bottles) should equal roughly 10 lbs(depending on cans or bottles) so, 150 lbs divided by 10 = duh .....15 cases of beer!!! Wow, hey I sure wouldn't scoff at that or maybe one young lady to share 5 cases of beer, even better. Don't know guys but seems like a heck of an good kit to me. course given the lack of largness of the 206 baggage compartment you'd have to lug all that stuff around in the front, or sling it then shoot don't need no stinking kit.


Gotta say though if they will allow some extra torque to be used to carry that 150 lbs it will be nice.


hic, Cheers, hic

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