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Gentlemen, as you can see the CARs are very clear about procedures when approaching an MF area at an uncontrolled aerodrome....oh, wait a minute, no they're not!


MF Reporting Procedures on Arrival


602.101 The pilot-in-command of a VFR aircraft arriving at an uncontrolled aerodrome that lies within an MF area shall report


(a) before entering the MF area and, where circumstances permit, shall do so at least five minutes before entering the area, giving the aircraft's position, altitude and estimated time of landing and the pilot-in-command's arrival procedure intentions;


Yes, you should report five minutes prior, but not because some FSS guy has a bug up their arse, or because some rule says so, do it as a courtesy to the ground station and your fellow pilots.


But don't do it at YNJ, they'll tell you to cal back when you're closer!

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That is very likely. I have friends that work for NavCanada, and that's what happens. Try to make yourself look indispensible. But we pilots can help keep them there too. Call up and give PIREPS, get enroute weather, any of the good stuff that live humans do better than AUTO stations.


And call five minutes prior to entry just in case the girl is hot and you can work your mojo. :punk:

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