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Canadian Helo Crashes In Australia

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Was told this was a Great Slave machine operating in Australia.





Pair walk away from helicopter crash

Article from: PerthNow


August 15, 2008 11:00am


TWO men have walked away almost unscathed after their helicopter made a forced landing near Paraburdoo in WA's Pilbara region this morning.


A St John spokeswoman said the pair emerged from the bush 15km west of Paraburdoo where they were met by an arriving ambulance shortly after 9am.


A police spokesman said the men were undertaking survey work when a device being suspended from the Squirrel helicopter became tangled in the rear rotor and brought the chopper down.


The pilot was unharmed but a second person in the helicopter was taken to Paraburdoo hospital after experiencing back pain.


The incident was seen by a tourist who alerted police.


Air safety investigators will probe what went wrong.

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Couple of quotes from the Aussie forum.


Great Slave Helicopters from Canada - AS350B3. Pictures show sling gear wrapped around T/R, sitting upright on belly, landing gear kaput. Glad to hear all ok.


Pretty sure the pilot was French Canadian, nice enough fella, obviously did well to walk away from this one.

I have seen some pics of the wreck, it actually looks like it held together really well, it has landed hard and destroyed the skids, but must have bee nice and level because it is just parked up on its belly with very little visual damage other than the skids, the tail rotor is even in good nick after having a go at the ground (the tabs are bent but all holding together).


Doubt we will hear a lot more on what actually happened until an accident investigation has been carried out due to it being a company from out of town.

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