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Anyone Training In Springbank Airport This Fall? Apartments?


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Well guys as it seems you are all working on getting a place close to springbank! I might be able to help you out or give you a hint to help you out.


If you are attending flight training from Mountain View Helicopters then talk to Kelda (she will be able to give you the right contact) about rooms or basements that can be rented through them (they know people that rent rooms cheaper to students of MVH).


That way you will not be far away from school and can live to a somewhat normal price range close by!


Calgary is not cheap and besides the price you have to pay for school another 1000$ a month is alot that you dont really have.


To the time period the training might go (I just finished a few weeks ago and started in Jan. 09):

Weather is always the biggest problem rain, snow, fog, wind (15 knots+) and temp. under -20c you will not be able to fly.

In average school will go about 2 weeks longer then planed considering the weather. There is another thing that can push it out and that is how much you learn and if you can pass your Transport Canada exam on your first try (I myself had to wait 14 days to rewrite) that pushes you behind.


If all goes well after about 18 weeks you should be finished (16 weeks school is planed).


If you guys have any questions just PM me and love to help out since we will foresure meet sometime in class!



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4 months that makes me laugh, good luck with that buddy,they told my brother that in one class then told me that as well in a different class, you can count on 6 months and the fall/winter course longer if weather doesnt help , they always tell you four months, prepare for 5 months min. and ya good luck driving from didsbury to springbank daily, ihope you have an electric car ,, do you not see the price of fuel , your uel bill will be the same as te course for your heli ticket.



Holy bitter...try to see if you can be a bit more negative. for the record, I did MY course in FOUR months AT Mtn view helicopters. sssooooooo good luck!

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Guest winterwanter
Holy bitter...try to see if you can be a bit more negative. for the record, I did MY course in FOUR months AT Mtn view helicopters. sssooooooo good luck!


ya I did it in four and a half it ended up working out really well even with the high fuel prices I still managed to save!

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