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Where Is The Cougar Thread?

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Shopping list...


- Bell Helicopter posters for Magseals bathroom in Fort Erie :P


- box of Co-op brand tissues for RDM :(


- 10 lbs. of ginseng for 407Driver who forgets he once drove 350's and to correct the problem his wife says he has :shock:


- something for Saturnman, not sure what yet, depends on his attitude :angry:


- dozen Wanker Canadian for DecuMajor B)


- soapbox and Megaphone for ChairmanoftheBORED ;)


- retirement package for Blackmac :P


- a flying job for Whirlygirl :)


- a management position for skullcap, excellant observation skills by'


- a spare set of gonchos for graunch1 in case DecuMajor et al gang up on him :wacko:


- a scholarship to Harvard for deuce bigalow, you may have a good idea


- another box of Co-op tissues (on sale this week) for RDM :rolleyes:


- and last but not least....a thank you card for Kyle, signed by everyone who use this site.


PS - Don't forget them boys Kyle. Devote as much time to them as you do to explaining your actions or inactions on this site and perhaps someone will appreciate your efforts.

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Guest Airplay

Excerpt from PPRUNE fragrant harbour forum:


posted 29th January 2004 04:01               


Personal Abuse and Attacks

Just a reminder, every so often someone forgets the rules of PPRuNe and launches a personal attack, this is not on.


Argue the subject until you are blue in the face but any personal attacks will be edited out.


Please be guided accordingly,




BlueEagle - Moderator.


Looks like PPRUNE has a "line" too.....




Keep up the good work.

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Employers despise unions. They do not want anything or anyone to interfer

with the way their companies are run.

When union talk begins, it is evidence that dissatisfaction amongst employees has been growing for quite some time. Considering how difficult it can be to get a group of people, especially a group like helicopter pilots, to head in a common direction, the forces promoting unionization are great.

Several companies in the States have recently unionized. Anyone who frequents this site surely also visits Just Helicopters and probably knows how vicious the union debates are. It is only a matter of time before Canadian helicopter pilots are unionized also.

Most pilots have some allegiance to the companies for whom they work. It is to their benefit to promote the company's welfare because that promotes their welfare also. The only other thing that a smart employee will put before his employer's welfare is the welfare of his family. When the family's welfare begins to suffer, trouble brews.

Money is prime component of this, but familys also need their fathers and husbands. Wages and time spent away from home are issues behind union formation.

Pilots and engineers are where the rubber meets the road in the helicopter business and these people demand their fair share of the revenue pie. They also demand to be treated fairly. The fact that unions are forming in this country is evidence that this is not happening.

This is unfortunate because unions mean confrontation. It is too bad that every pilot and engineer in Canada can't raise $10,000 or so and then we could buy Canadian Helicopters. If there are 5000 pilots and engineers that would be fifty million which would at least be a good start.

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