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Vih Going To Angola

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Enjoy. It's a country with a lot to see, but beware of the things you don't see. Do not walk anywhere than on the paths walked by the locals. Lots of old military stuff lying around plus more than one million landmines. The cubans/russians mined the place for miles, especially in the south.

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Guest bag swinnger

Hey Ned,

where was that photo taken of you and that big lion at night? you sent it to me from over here somewhere but can't remember where. I know its a big continent but my Engineer says he really wants me to get a snap with him and some big game. :P


Seriously though I will keep an eye out for your friends there...we were almost down by the Chevron building part of the ramp today. when we were stopped and detained for a while. Apparently you are not allowed to walk down there, at least not without passports and such. We had a good chuckle while sitting on the bench waiting to find out what they were going to do with us. thinking about the look on Harmonic vibes face as he gets the call to spring four of his drivers out of the clink. Luckily for the Angolans it ended well though :punk:

Oh and Vibrator if your reading this it was all Larry's fault. I found out later he had all of our passports in his back pack but never said "f" all.

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The other thing to try is to get some white shirts with epalets and some bars. As in airline uniform looking. I onow guys who had a h*** of a time in a couple under-developed country until they started wearing a uniform.

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