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Vih Going To Angola

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Guest bag swinnger


there has not been any issues after dark here in Lubango... but I wouldnt push it in Luanda.


Here are a few more






My engineer is like the pied piper with the kids





Loading up all the votes after the Election










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Guest bag swinnger
Do the kids love to see themselves on the screen of your digital camera. In Asia they would get a kick out of that.



Yes it is hard to get a photo without the kids trying to pose for us.

I use an SLR but my engineer uses one of those cannon point and shoot/video cameras. He has video of their reaction's to the photos of themselves where they are chanting and dancing.

If you could see the video it would truly make you smile. :)

I have never experienced anything like it.

I cant say enough about all the good experiences that we have had here.

...Although we also have some video of aborted landings cause the FOD flying around is beyond comprehension, we have had shoes and stuff going past the windows!

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Guest bag swinnger
not really......no boobs!!!!

:punk: :punk: :punk:


Ahh... but have a closer look in the background of the third photo in post#28.

Always trying to add a little porn to Vertical. :P

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