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Questions About My First Aviation Medical...


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Definitely, DEFINITELY take Zazu's advice, if not things can become a real hassle in a heartbeat (no pun intended).


Congrats on training by the way, keep us updated! Pictures would be great!



Wilco. Redundancy is good to have redundancy. :P


Nice to hear (more) good things about Bighorn.


I'll be sure to post plenty of photos and updates here. :punk:



Cole, how's your summer going?

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Getting paid to ride a DH mountain bike. Pretty good, but it ain't helicopters... I dang near have a crick in my neck from looking up every time something flies over.


Actually, my last day of work (ever!) at Panorama is tomorrow - just a month or two shy of eighteen years in the ski business.


Outside of work, well, lots of getting organized for school, reading textbooks, and even a bit o' Microsoft Flight Simulator. At least I'll have an idea of what an R22 instrument panel looks like :D

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An update...


I walked up to the clinic today (copy of audiogram in hand) to see what was happening with my medical.


Turns out it was sitting in the doc's out-box pending the results of an echocardiogram. That's "echo", not "electro" - turns out my electrocardiogram was fine, but I have some P-wave widening that the doctor wants to investigate to rule out atrial hypertrophy - whatever that means...


I'm a 36-year-old avalanche tech and bike patroller, don't smoke, and spend a lot of time on a bicycle (even outside work), so my heart should be in decent shape, but geez-Louise, it's a weird feeling when the doc reccomends things like this. :blink:


It must not be too much of an issue, 'cause I passed the medical (comments: "healthy and well") and it's being sent off to T.C. today - now I just need to wait on *their* paperwork... :wacko:


On the advice of all y'all here I got a copy of the medical results - the doctor's paperwork, the ECG results, the letter from the optometrist saying I don't have glaucoma, the works. If T.C. is slow on getting my certificate issued, at least I have *some* paperwork saying that I passed my medical.


Thanks for all your advice!






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get it checked now, darren... i'm almost 51, teach safety programs for a living which includes live fire training... july long weekend, i was having some burning in both biceps which woke me up over 2 nites.. long story short, i had it checked out and after an angiogram, it was found i had 5 coronary aterteries that were 90% blocked, 4 at 70%, and 2 at 50%... and i was one of the old guys in the hosp... coronary artery disease knows no age barriers...

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Oh, I will. I'd rather get everything nipped in the bud rather than risk losing my medical (and so much more!) later in life.


Apparently I'm to receive an "invitation" (for lack of a better word) to go down to Cranbrook for an echocardiogram.


According to the notes from my doctor, the wide p-waves were "questionable", so it may be nothing, but I'll go get checked out in case it's the incipient stages of something.


The upside is that I've always been healthy and active; no shortness of breath, no chest pain, nothing like that. That, and my family doesn't have a history of heart issues. It's our brains that go. :D

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how are you doing now?



Fine, thanks. You? :)


My doc phoned me today to tell me all this - which is funny, 'cause his receptionist told me yesterday.


He's not worried - tells me I'm fit and healthy - so I guess I won't worry too much either. That, and I've never had any symptoms of anything (and I lead a very active life).


I guess the head honchos in Vancouver (I don't know if he's referring to Transport Canada or the cardiologist) just want to have a closer look to have good baseline info. Still nerve-wracking, despite all that reassurance!


The best news is nothing precludes me from flying. :up:

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