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Slow Year?

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Well Shakey put it this way, if you don't mind taking the side from the emplyee. Look in your own reigns how many good workers do you know, canadians... ? well there are the oldtimers who know how to behave, and learnd their DRINKING limmits and are a professional bunch of good guys. Congratulations to you all guys. But then you got those young guys who have to have all kind of toys and have to gegeet ham mmm merd every weekend if not more frequently, kinda rednecks or so...

how many of those make it more than one summer ? or shall i say one shift .... well there are the lucky once because their needet and luckily we are still able to get some work, to bring our guys up, but with 80$ a day.... if all the big pilot habit's can't be paid and then there are student loans to pay back and the housing doesn't get cheeper.... it's a money thing too .... and let me ask you an other shakey question i guess if you would be offered a job to go to south america and a good pay you maigth go too... so and then those guys from overseas are mostly a bit cheeper because of their exchange rate they make a good pay over here and they usually have one goal .... and that is to fly and not too get waisted....

maybe we should raise our yungsters with milk and honey (provides strong bones and sweetnes) and not with beer and moonshine ( what obviosly kinda get rid of your braincells and resistance )


have a nice day and laugh a lot about it. will ya... :shock:



Haha! Wow!!, sipping on some of Grandpas medicine are you?

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Ahhh...here we go again!!! What are you suggesting? One year the Canadian helicopter industry is busy and every company is screaming for pilots it's ok to hire foreigners, but if a slow year comes along you just want to kick all the foreigners out? How convenient! I suppose you don't mind that all the Canadians working abroad get send back home too then. Just for fairness sake! And what's next? Want to send all the East Indians and Chinese home as well, because they crowd your streets, use your schools system and just look different than you?


Is it really a slow year? I've been busy so far and I know that others are too! Maybe it's not slow at all and the reason for your misery is within yourself and your attitude rather than with "all" the foreigners stealing your jobs!? Perhaps you should stop wasting your time stirring "it" here and rather start making changes. How about getting an Ifr or night rating, mountain course, practice long lining or get more education! Is it possible that you do have an attitude problem that needs attention? Being jealous and whining doesn't get you anywhere, but a positive professional attitude and ambition will!


Every foreigner who is legally here on a Visa, found at some point a company who needed / wanted him. That's why they went through that time consuming and expensive application process with him. That process includes a labour market opinion from HRSDC and with all that information a Canadian Immigration officer is making a decision weather or not to give such a person a Visa.

Visa or Citizen with an accent...what's the difference to you anyway? You would complain and whine about it either way!


Every person working on a Visa is also paying taxes here and if they don't, there is something wrong! Not only with that person, but also with the company he is working for. Taxes are payable at source! How do you feel about a foreigner who let's say has worked and paid taxes in Canada for four years. And now you want to send him home. Is he getting all the taxes he paid back too?

You better start accepting the helicopter and aviation industry for what it is...an international industry. And you should get used to working with people from other countries, just like in many other industries these days.



And to finish this...nowhere in your initial post are you talking about 500 - 1500 hour pilots!

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Well said Frank Murphy.


I do see both sides of this never-ending debate, and although I tend to lean a bit to the red-neck side, I believe that aviation is one of those global-village, specific skill set careers that has always and will always hire from a world-wide pool of qualified people.



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Good topic!!! I personally know of a pilot from South Africa who is flying for a Canadian company, living in Canada, NOT PAYING ANY CANADIAN TAXES and to boot.... whining about how the system is better in South Africa!! Does anyone have the number to Immigration Canada????? I am really tempted to turn this one in!!



Please do!


For information on citizenship and immigration programs and services.


1 888 242‑2100 (in Canada only)

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Frank and Kevin are 100% correct.

First of all, a slow year???? not a chance! In fact I finally had to insist, for some time off, for a family function. Secondly, most of my year has been spent working in the US......did not hear to much whining from that side....in fact there was a lot of gratitude for coming down to help.


It is indeed a global industry, flight crews work, "here, from elsewhere"......and "elsewhere, from here".


Take Franks advice and upgrade yourself to be more versatile, professional and capable.....it opens up huge avenues of opportunity.......better than sitting around and "whining"! :rolleyes:


Bob Kellie

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Predict? The season is almost over and as far as I can tell not the best of one. My point is if you were in said country and there was a slow year would you not want your Goverment or Companies that are in said country to look out for there own. Not Canada.


Thats why we are the doormat to the world. Its a matter of time before we are getting paid 60 g a year to fly twins like the States.


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