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Firesale @ Trk Helicopters?


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Hmmmm, that's too bad. I used to enjoy visiting that hangar because he had a smokin' hot secretary. B)


I used to think to myself, man, my wife would never let me have a hot secretary like that. Too much temptation she would say. The kind of temptation that could cause a man to stumble after which my wife would for some reason want half my ####. And then what, heck, I'd have to sell everything to pay her out...... :(


Yup, that's what my wife would do I reckon. But hey, that's just me. I'm glad he's just a smart business man getting out while the gettin's good.



"Money isn't an issue there. They're just reading the writing on the wall and cashing out.

Smart move by an otherwise so so operator."



Smart man. :up:



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