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In Westbank on the weekend Wiskey Jacks has a great breakfast full of atery hardening goodies.

I don't agree with the Mad Trapper in Golden since the new building, the old one was way more fun. Moberly Pub used to be great for chicken wings and a beverage on thursday night. Mind you don't get your car dented though.

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Blackmac :


Last time I was in Hopedale was in 64, with A&D pulp and Paper flying a 180 on floats, they built a fishing lodge on the Jack Lane river.


Last time I flew a pig boat in Lab. was in 74, for a French off shore drilling company we flew Gander to Cartwright for crew changes.


I'll get to you on e-mail about joining the group.


Rev. Chas W.

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Elvis :


I forget how many we could cram into the Austin Airways machines, but the last PBY I flew carrying passengers here in B.C ( 1986 ) had seating for 24 passengers and a crew of three.


In the waterbomber configuration we scooped 9000 pounds of water in the tank. ( Same weight as a 61 lifts on the hook. )


They are my favoirite airplane.


The Hughes 300 is my favourite Helicopter...because of all the girls I met on those farms in S. Ont when I was an ag. type......


There my son does that help? :D


Chas W. Dr. of Divinity

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For you gentlemen who navigated the Labrador Coast by map and memory only and who have been greeted by Susie and Jimmy,she passed away in 2000. Jimmy is still mukking along. There have been alot of changes on the Labrador over the years, namely hotels that serve really good grease and you can now drive from Cartwright to Lanse Au Clair via all the communities in-between. Oh and BTW, I am the floor sweeping,toilet cleaning, refuel that a/c, clean that a/c, pick me up some beer, guy from Universal days back in the late 70's. RDM you forgot to name a few more watering holes, Colleen's kitchen, at any hour, Brennan Lake, Byrne Lake and last but not least, THE LOCKER ROOM........

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:up: Colleen' kitchen at any hour :up: yep should have been fired there a few times also.


Now, about this floor sweepin and aircraft cleaning, not to mention the beer pickin uppin, wasnn't that me :P:P :shock:

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RDM - he said in the 70s - you were still messing the floor in the 70s. You were cleaning it in the 90s. B)


Some more spots in Labrador - Mulligan, Grand Lake, and the Round Table in Nain. Too many headaches.


The Zoo - If I remember correctly, there was a bar in Iqaluit called that as well. We had one called The Petting Zoo in KCW, Cambodia. You can use your imagination on that one.

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CTD darling,

first get off the freakin phone, have been trying you for days.....are you helping George W with his re-election strategy or wha.


If you read the post to JBC correctly, you will see that I was teasing JBC (also known as "His Royal Majesty").


He may have had to sweep floors in the 70's, but to correct you, I started in the 80's and never swept floors. My fabulous employer saw my SKYGOD like abilities immediately and put me right on the toughest jobs possible....... :blink::blink: :up:



sorry, gotta run, still laughing my arse off with that last comment :blink:


BTW, the round table in Nain, ask Dugal some time about the Maria Christinia wine. :o:o

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