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Best Pubs

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Gold Range Hotel YZF - beer and urine soaked terry cloth table covers. Where else can you witness a beeyotch fight with flying wedding bands and everything. :shock:


The Keg in Ft. McMurray - if you've been there, you know what I mean. ;)


The Black Knight YZF - No flying wedding bands, but lots stuffed in pockets. Good food too! :up:

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JBC: How much of the road between Cartwright-Lanse Au Clair road hugs the coast where one screw up will end up in the Labrador Sea?


I remember the road between Lanse Au Claire and Blanc Sablon was very "intresting "with the road hanging on the side of the cliff.




:elvis: :shock: :elvis:

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204B Sydney's okay, but give a surf livesaving club on the Gold Coast anyday !!! :up: :up: Or any pub in the Brissie area. Ah heck I'm not fussy, any pub in Oz will suit me just fine !!!!! Mmmm, cold 4X, VB !!!!! :D


How about:


Armpit's (Armstrong Ont) Chateau North's bar


Kenora's pubs by the waterfront.


Winnipeg's Bumpers (the one at the Airliner/Ho Jo's)


Regina Flying Club.


Abbotsford's Afterburner.


Thunder Bay any of the Ballet clubs. ;) :up:



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Gotta watch out for those biker guys that hang around the pubs on the waterfront in Kenora. :D


And you can't forget:


Winston in Pickle Lake


Balmer Inn in Balmertown


or the Snakepit in Red Lake......just don't go with a bunch of 415 pilots :up: :up:


and I must agree that any Bar or Ballet club in Thunder Bay is just great! :lol:

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