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Best Pubs

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Ahhhhhh yes, Centerfolds in Thunder Bay....many a blissful mamory...sorry memory from there. :up: :up:


The Intowner in Thunder Bay is also a riot on a Friday nite. B)


CTD.....you didn't happen to sit in the Barber Chair when you were there did you? If mamory, ****, I meant memory again, serves me right that's the place isn't it?





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In YYC, there's:


The Flying Emu


The French Maid


The Body Shoppe


The Barley Mill (more brews on tap than I've got fingers and toes)


In Sudbury I like:


Solid Golds :up: :up:



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...Slack Alice's Ballet and Dance studio- Penticton BC...


I have to share this with you.


A few years ago during annual training a bunch of us left the hangar for the lunch buffet of chinese food at Slacks. One of the young fellows sweeping the floor tagged along and sat quietly eating his plate and watching the show. As we head back to the vehicles, he thanks us with a huge grin on his face. I asked him if he had been there before. His reply was "I am with the high school job shadow plan, I'm only seventeen" As you can imagine, there were a lot of applicants to follow him.



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Guest graunch1

Add another one in YXY on the main drag. It would be the same as the Gold Range in YZF except for the name. I was in there in the early 70s and next time was at a NATA conference about 6-7 years ago with Stevie P from KBA. Nothing had changed with the crowd, they still looked and smelt the same. :P


BTW going out on the town with SP was a "real" treat <_<

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Let me see now.

All the military clubs in Goose BAY

Curly Portables Enfield N.S.

Arctic Circle Club Resalute Bay

Inn of the North Yellowknife long time ago

Rumrunners Sydney B.C.

Breakers pub Prince Rupert B.C.

Holiday Inn Oshawa Ont.

End of the line pub Bridgetown N.S.

Way tooooo many to remember,but all were fun

AHHHH the good ole days

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