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Multi-skilled pilot looking for aviation admin position...


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Experienced ex-airline pilot looking for a ground-based position. Greatest interest is in administration and documentation: creating and maintaining documents, manuals, graphics, etc.

- Over 25 years in international charter and scheduled airlines.

- Over 13,000 multi hours, over 8,000 turbine.


- Proven contributions in

> administration

> technical writing

> custom graphics

> load sheet design and loading instructions

> some cockpit materials (practical, effective, most still being used).


- Created an Airfields Manual


- Self-starter, trained in CRM, work well in a team environment.


- Currently a working webmaster/web designer with skills in

> writing

> promotion

> newsletters

> graphics

> all aspects of web work.


Very technical, mechanical, computer (software & hardware) literate. Quite happy to be a contributor from behind the scenes.


- Expert level knowledge of working English language (English/Canadian/US).

- Dedicated, honest, mature, responsible, team-player, can-do attitude.

- Management training experience (in a different industry).

- First class aviation references available.


If you represent, or work for, any type of aviation employer or organisation, and/or know of a vacancy where such a worthwhile contribution can be made, please send me an email at jim@bloorstreetwest.com.


Suggested positions might be in Administration, Planning, Scheduling, Operations, Chief Pilot''s Office, Training Department - or all of the above, such as in a smaller airline where multiple skills are most appreciated.


Also interested in more driven positions such as start-ups, where creativity, loyalty and confidentiality are major priorities.


Thanks in advance.

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