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R44 From Cold Wild Country


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Hi all,

I've got an idea to buy the used R44 with around 1010h and 2003, but there is one problem – for the first 550h there aren't any notes in its logbooks, because it was flown illegally in some cold country. Next 450h it flew under local Robinson dealer and from this point all service bulletins and agenda works were done.


The price and conditions of this R44 are quite good, but I think that within first 400h the counter didn’t work at all and real air frame is different.


So, the question is - how can I find out the real TT – may be some parts have special parameters…

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Walk away.


If there are no notes in the log books, how was it determined that there is only 550 hours unaccounted for?


This has $$$ written all over it.


JMHO mind you.



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Have you had it inspected by a third-party ? Is there any damage history ? Does it have a valid C of A ? Do you plan on insuring the hull ? Do you plan on flying it privately or commercially ? Do you plan on importing it into another country ? Do you want it to retain a certain resale value ?


These are all factors that will affect your decision. As for determining the actual TAFT, the only thing you can base yourself on is the logbooks. Unfortunately, there's no CarFax for helicopters... ;)

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I would agree with RTR, unless you have lots of bucks or it is extremely cheap.


TC requirements unless you can prove the total times, would have you throw out all timed lifed items and bring all other non lifed items to zero time since overhaul.


Out of interest, what country was this dealer flying the helicopter in? If he was flying it without knowing the actual times on the machine, I'm sure FAA or TC knew nothing about it, nor did his insurance company. You cannot assume anything unless it can be proved.


Basically what you would be buying is an airframe with whatever components that do not have a retirement life. The rest is garbage for a tech school.


Call your local TC office or FAA as required.


Cheers, Don :shock: :down:

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