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Delta Helicopters

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Does anyone know if Delta Helicopters is getting rid of their oil well servicing sector? I see on the Aeroads website that they have 2 44's for sale. I know Don was having a hard time landing contracts last year. Was wondering if anyone else has the inside scoop. Would be a shame if the company is ending this avenue. :mellow: After all they hired a few low timers every year. :up:

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Well Well I am sure that all you that know Delta know all there is to know about that company. They got rid of the 44's and they like the AStars. I have only worked for them two summers and they have treated me okay. I worked for a company in Kelowna for over 20 years and I was told 30 years ago when I got my license if you can't say something nice about the people you are talking about don't say a word. I am so glad that I am only going to work in this industry for a few more years. I would like those years to be productive. I hope that you all have the same desire. You all fly safe and worry about getting home safe each night and you will do okay.

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