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Remote Comunication.. Sat Phones?


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Hey Folks,

Doing some homework on who is the best Satellite services provider and who has the best rates. Need to use the phone from a remote location on a frequent and casual basis.

Your experience and info apreaciated.



Just stay away from anything GlobalStar and you should be fine. Iridium network is far better....or so I figure.

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Thanks Folks,


Hadn't had much luck(make that NO luck) with Globalstar for the last few years either.


Basically now that Telus has cut the analog system from their services there is allot of people on the north west coast of BC with no form of communication other than their VHF radios. (All the camps, lodges, light stations , remote communities,etc)


Thought maybe sooner or later there might be a Sat provider with an affordable service for more of a casual usage? Guess Not?


Great to hear that you folks have had good experience with Iridium.


Appreciate the input


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I agree Globalstar is a no-go right now. Their network is totally saturated. An ex-colleague of mine who works for a company that builds satellites told me to beware of Iridium. They are rapidly reaching saturation on their network as well, so the problems we've known with Globalstar will eventually happen with Iridium as well. Already, this past summer, it happened to me a couple times where I would have full signal (with the on-board Iridium phone) and would be unable to complete a voice call. I would never get a ring. It would just say "Connecting...". After a couple minutes, I would cancel the call and try again a little later.


The Iridium network was conceived as a 77 satellite constellation (Iridium is the 77th element on the periodic table, thus the name). Right now the constellation consists of 66 satellites. I suppose if they launch the 11 missing satellites service might get better.


I'm told there's a Russian company about to launch a competing service soon. Might be worth looking into...

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