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Identify The Helicopter


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Thanks Guys, Good info ( well, except for that Kangaroo lead :blink: )


I have G2 and G3B1 time, With that narrow cabin, I can't see it being a 3 across seater? With the terrain pictured, I can't see a basic G2 operating in that country?


Any guesses on Company, the Yellow and Red are now TNTA colors, did they operate 47's? and did they have that color scheme in the early days?



Thanks Full-On, we were posting at the same time...

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My time at TNTA was in the B1 / B2 days ( mid 70's)



I was in the hangar next door 73-74 and remember some of the more memorable TNTA guys, Al Kapty, Chuck Hankins, Dave "Silvertip" Jackson and a great cartoonist- Al Sidden. Fun times in YXY particularily the slow pitch and floor hockey free-for alls between TNTA and us (IJA)




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Had one of the founders of Alpine in the other day and looked at the photo with TJ.

He thinks either CF-NOG or CF-NOB 47G3 bought new in 1961 came with the yellow on the cabin.

repainted in 1965. so time line 61/65?

Tanks make sence, Shape, black,Gold with red stripe.

Narrow cabin

long unweighted blades

no exh pipe on L/H side

bearpaws Alpine type

Ant to tail same type

The red item under the tank I could not figure out till TJ

mentioned most likley red metal keg attached to engine mount tab.

Either TJ or JN flying? he liked the red hat !

TJ says to say hi to all that knew him and best wishes


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I worked for TNTA in the late 70's and at that time we only had G3B2's IIRC. The machine in the photo looks like a narrow cabin so I'd guess it's a G2 of some sort. The color scheme is very smilar to what we used at the time, but not exactly the same. Could be a TNTA machine from before my time tho.....

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