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Layoffs And More?


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Guest plumber
I usually just hang out in the background and browse through all the topics and laugh at most peoples post, but I must say that is the best written advice for this time in the industry and so true. Well put max Continuous. I think now is the time people will realize the grass isn't always greener on the other side and it is wise to hold on to what you have and be happy your still doing what you love and getting paid well to do it.


Everyone back to 42 and 5 if you don't like it theres the door. Sometimes the grass is greener.




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When I first started flying I based my annual income on 350 hrs. per year.

I still do it today and it works.

So you fly 700 hrs. BONUS!

I think people need to start using their heads. How many of us know some guy that got hired by the patch in the last 2 yrs. because he had grade 12 and a strong back.

First thing they did was buy a 80,000 dollar truck and a 500,000 house and a bunch of toys.

Well if you can sustain a 90,000 dollar a year debt for 10 years great....but when the crunch comes as it always does... I'll be the guy buying your house for whatever is left on your mortgage.

I just hope the pinhead dosen't have a family to drag down with him/her.

We all want nice things that we work very hard for but, the variable nature of our industry should temper ones spending .




I hear you Max, it,s kinda funny to see you use 350 hrs as your bench mark, as that was mine also.


Anything less, you felt guilty putting jam on your toast in the winter, anything more, it was single malt and real cigars at years end party!


Now, it,s Capt. I can,t see the displays when you have the sun hitting them at that angle!

Capt. How come you keep your hands on the controls when the auto pilots flying?

Capt. I,ve never seen the GPS go off line, how do tell your grnd spd, or give an ETA

Capt. Why do wear such big sunglasses, my wraparounds are way cooler.

Capt. You know, if you lost a couple of pounds, that redhead in accounting ............

Capt. Is it better to get your single malt here, or in Heathrow?

Capt. Why do you keep a paintbrush on the panel here?

Capt. Why do plan 650 lbs/hr when we all know she only burns 635 lbs/hr


Yeah, you know what I mean, sh/t, the egg samwitches are cold again, Capt.



Spend less than earn you, buy when it,s on sale, and save up untill you can pay cash!



My 2 cents.


GWK :lol:

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Oh, what the ****, here,s more whinging.

Darn, the A/C is blowing in my face again.

Capt .My mom says.........

Capt. My Dad says..........

Capt. How come you turn the A/C off on your side.

Capt. What do you mean when you say, you don,t pay taxes!

Whats an inch of plywood weigh?

Imperial, I dont think I,ve ever seen a 45 gallon drum, you mean a 55

Ice, yeah I like it in my scotch!

Why do I have to put my feet on the pedals when you take yours off ?

If we have to turn back now, can we make shore!

Darn, the A?C is blowin down my neck now!

You know, we get paid the same whether we leave on time or late!

If you don,t like the wx, why keep on going!

Yeah, but arn,t mins for uh, bad wx, not this sh/t !

You know, maybe heli-skiing wasn,t so bad!


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