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Resourceless Helicopters


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Resource Iron is all leased. They don't own a bolt in the machines. They could all go back to O'Rielly tomorrow and none worse the wear!



None the worse??? not much chance of me or any one else getting a job again with no iron....how's that none the worse??


on the other hand i doubt o'rielly wants 10 or 20 ships parked back in his yard. I hear he's getting tons of calls from operators who can't pay their leases. how's that none the worse for anybody?

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Guest who's yer daddy

In other words Resource can turn the machines back and walk away with no worries.



As for the 20 machines going back to O'Rielly...you have not been in the industry very long have you.

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ya i guess. how long to i have to be in the industry to know what's going to happen next? what is going to happen? what's o'rielly done before? i just want to have a job next year and looks like there's going to be lots of competition within the crews



Hey man, no fault of yours. I have 15 years in the industry and the only time I know whats going to happen next is usually when the phone rings, the light or horn goes off LOL, or I've already done it! As for competition, well, depends on where you work I guess. That being said, I don't see too many posts recently from people telling other people to charge more, to "not take that crap, cause it brings all the rest of us down" etc.


Fact is that helicopters, and the cost of their operation is directly tied to the following (excluding running costs!) : the price of whatever you are supporting, be it oil, gas, wood, pick your metal; the cost your customers accrue to explore that resource, the availability of credit to explore that resource etc. And that doesn't even account for the price of keeping the lights/heat on in the hangar. In a nutshell the helicopter industry is directly affected by....EVERYTHING!


Maybe finding a place to hang your hat isn't such a bad thing, and just maybe helping out around the hangar a bit while things are slow will just maybe justify a salary? How things have changed in 6 months!



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has eagle stopped writing mins into their leases? comon you guys. i cant say for sure that resource flew 1200 hours this year between what 2 204s and 2 212s ? again im guessing at a 300 hr lease each. they could give the machines back but would have to send mike a payout for the unflown mins( if they have the capital) if they dont have the capital to pay, i doubt mike would repo the machines an loose out on getting those moneys back on a payment plan next season. this years revenue is on our record books, as well as the small fire season across canada. next year still has possibilities.......as long as you can survive the winter. my 2$

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1200hrs - yeah right

That about tallys the whole of the western fleet for summer.

More carnage to come as the ***** fight over what little bug kill, drill and seismic work presents for the winter. Word out there is that HIV are putting 205's out the door on Drill work at $1950/hr. Hard for smaller companies to compete with that.


Good fortune for Winter guys - hope we all make it through. I'm just one of the medium boys out there wondering why I turned down the LR drill move gig this year. NOT including my mates at Resource in the calculation; I know about 25,000hrs of experience between 3-4 guys sitting around at the moment, chewing their finger nails as the brown envelopes file in the mail box.


Judging by the number of VFR guys doing the IFR @ PRO over the last month, there is going to be a shift of attitude in the coming year. I think the companies who shrugged and said tough titty to the contract pilots are going to find they are not there to use in the future. Stability and fixed income is becoming the name of the game for the next while.

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A couple of weeks ago on pprune, some ust. pilots were nattering about a new offshore contract, and the really interesting bit was how much wages have improved in Aust.

An Experienced Offshore IFR capt. going to work for one of the biggies, 2 weeks on/2 weeks off, flown home anywhere in Aust. starts at around 145, 000.00 aus all up.

My point being, any antipodean worth his vegamite and Tim Tams has packed his Billa Bong, tossed the last of his tucker out to the ravens, and is now sitting back in Aust. sipping a few cold tinnies, and if he hasn,t, he,s on his way. So, what that means to me, there will be a bit of tough sledding this winter for some, but come spring, I suspect there will be quite a few faces missing.

Don,t get me wrong either, I am not slamming my southern friends, cause I am all for this Global community, open borders thingy, cause I believe you gotta make hay where the sun shines, not only when.


Remember the bumper sticker......... Oh God, please bring back another oil boom, and I,ll promise not to pi$$ it all away this time.


Timely advice.

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Word out there is that HIV are putting 205's out the door on Drill work at $1950/hr. Hard for smaller companies to compete with that.


HA ahahahha hahah aha hahahhaa ha hahahahahha hahahhaha ha ah ah ahahhaha hah ahhahaha aha hahahha ahahahhahahahahahahaha haahahahahahhah ahahahah aha ha haha aha aha ha ahahaahaha haha ha hahahah ah.... gasp!!!! Wheez!! Haha ahahaha aha ah ahahah ahaaha haha aha ha ahaha aha ha!!!!


Stop it!!!!!!!!! You're killing me!!


Every time somebody doesn't get a job, they assume somebody undercut them... which often is true... But, very often, SERVICE is the deciding factor... a quote I hear often... "Wow... you guys cost more than anybody else... but you are the only ones that really have it together... we have a deal..."


Put that in your pipe and smoke it...




P.S. It's $1955 buddy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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