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Hall Beach


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I haven't seen a posting, but it would likely be the Frontec O+M job. Single pilot in the summer, two-pilot quasi-IFR (night VFR) in winter. Tough job. Long distances, always on the edge of your fuel, long waits, poor wx reporting and forecasting.


Not for the faint of heart.


Contact CHL in Cedres (450) 452 3000, or Goose Bay (709) 896 5259

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Ahhhh. In that case, it's on the west coast of Foxe Basin, just across from Longstaff Bluff on Baffin Island. If you find Igloolik on the map, it's just south of it.


There is a North Warning System radar site there (former DEW Line) from which they do maintenance on several of the long and short range radar sites with a 212.

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Aahhhh the DEW line...


We planted palm trees at all the DEW line sites back when the radar was working...


How big are they now CTD?


Have any of you fearless explorers been across the Davis straight and done some flying on the ice cap?


Ohhh how I miss the Arctic especially hand pumping fuel into my DC3 on wheel skis..... sob, sob, boo hoo hoo, boo hoo........


I must take another valium to help cure the grief I feel...... :up:


The Reverend Chas W.... Fearless mercenary of the High Arctic.....


By the way when you get aroused looking at a musk oxen its time to head south for some R&R... :up: :up:

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Oh my Charles, the palm trees are over 200' tall. They're NOTAMed as obstacles on the airport!! :mellow:


I haven't crossed the Strait myself, but I know that Ice Flow has, and possibly RDM - they've both worked Greenland. We were planing a 212 trip to Greenland in 96, but it didn't work out. Too bad, I'd have loved to have done it.

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