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Heli Expo - Stop In And Say Hi

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CTD, 407Driver et al,


If you are coming to Heli Expo stop into booth 2259 and say hi. If I can get away with it will have some cold ones under the table.


Will also have the latest issue of the mag with us.


Heli Ops


P.S. 407Driver - Taking the EC130 heli fishing today to Great Barrier Island :up:

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Will see you there for sure. We should plan a caaviation evning, although I know anyone who's exhibiting will be busy (Heli-Ops, Biggles, Vertical Mag etc.). I have some commitments for meetings but they should all be in the daylight hours.


Where's everyone staying? I'm at the site hotel (Hilton).

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Wow, well, oh my! OK, I'll join in for the booze and burgers :P:lol:


CA evening sounds great, but you're right CTD, I might be awfully booked but will do my best to join you folks! I'm there from the 13th to the 22nd and also at the Hilton. Got an idea, I could get kidnapped (booth 406), hold a high randsom (heck even a low randsom) chances are, now that I've made them spend all their money to go and exhibit at the HAI, they won't be able to pay up! :lol::D



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