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Heli Expo - Stop In And Say Hi

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DGP........Haven't seen your ugly mug for several years! wish I could be there too for a few jugs of the house's finest,but ALAS. I must continue to slug my guts out for J.H. and also to keep my wife in the high life style she thinks she deserves!!! Anyways...hope you have fun.......Wrong-way Ray is still as goofy as ever...sure have a lot of laughs with him....Got to go....on my way down to Rosie's bar and get boiled....P.S.....Why didn't you tell me I was to remove the meat from the Lobsters before you eat them......there's still pieces of shell lodge in my sphincter....Thanks Bud!!!!!All the Best..........Otooley

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Hey there otooley....I missed you last June...stopped at JH's place,you had already left.JH and the top brass are going to vegas...put the trip in your contract requirements for next year or sweet talk the boys....you must have some old photos around with something nasty...just kidding....I here Derek and Bob L are both going...sounds like trouble....talked to Black Bart and Blair M....they said they are going.Also talked to Richard F yesterday...he's a maybe....better get on board...DGP :shock: :up:

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Thought I'd revive this old thread, 3 sleeps till the HAI, looking forward to joining up with the CA delegation. Lets attempt to get our duckies in line and plan an evening. As I said the 13th is a good one for me and possibly the 14th. As for the other evenings, oh hum, might have a delegation of my own but the more the merrier.

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