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I bet if it were made by a company that kept a few blades in stock, people would like it a whole lot better. lol :rolleyes:



No. Candy beer and boobs are the keys to success.


It's all spelled out in my manifesto. "Candy Beer and Boobs the Keys to Success". Alas it remains, as yet, unpublished.

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It's no doubt a bad combination, clam shell doors and low TR blades. I wonder if enclosing the TR was ever considered.



I believe it was. But when they went with the Apache style dual tail rotor, I think that kinda killed it. Not to mention they are crazy weight conscious.


True story about weight saving:


429 has an optional rotor brake, right? Right. As of a year and a half ago, about 95% of the orders included a rotor brake kit. In order to activate the RB, there were four wires about 6 ft long that ran along the roof. (unshielded harnesses). The shop figured it would make more sense to include these 4 wires in the standard harness. it would be easier to remove the wires from 5% of the aircraft instead of ADDING it to 95% of them.


Though this is a perfectly fine idea, it was shot down for weight reasons. They didn't want to include the weight of the wires in the "advertised weight" of the basic aircraft.


(And this actually IS a true story)


oh and the skid tubes are SO light that the 429 needs that 4-wheels ground handling kit. They are too flimsy to support the weight of the aircraft with a regular B407 or B412 ground handling arrangement. ...good luck landing in the bush with that.......


Also actually a true story....

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