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Do they not ask anybody in industry about such things as fuel caps????


And why, after all the 'others', (206, L3, 407, 205, 212, etc) would they change it now???


Bean counters and drawing men - go work in the field so you have a clue...


And I am a Bell fan...

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makes me wonder which pilots they asked and IF they flew


I think what most operators request in a light twin helicopter is an open cabin and a flat floor. This leaves the only place for fuel being under the floor. In order to be efficient and not cause spash back when refueling the nozzle needs to be pointing in the direction of the fuel cells. The option of a flush refueling port and associated plumbing would intrude into the cagin area. I'm guessing you can't please everyone all the time.

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Other manufacturers have successfully installed fuel cells in the floor along with open cabins. I'm unaware of splash back problems with their designs.


Interesting to see if this will in fact be a problem in colder operating environments, and if ice does accumulate in there just melt it with a small propane torch. :lol:



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