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Dry Camp

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But still, who as the right to tell me how to live my life?


I think in this case the customer does. Not everyone may have the control you have, or the desire to not party every night.


If the customer pays the bill, he gets to set some of the rules.




:shock: (Incoming.....!!!)

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Well, like many on here I am sure, I've worked in both dry and wet camps. By far I prefer the dry camps as the hassles are much lower.


Biggest problem like anywhere, is those who cannot deal with this in moderation. Yes a glass of wine with my steak for dinner would be nice but the table of knuckle-draggers next to me would likely be on their 10th beer by then.


However, in one of the "dry" camps in the high Arctic, the camp bosses used to sit in the bosses office and get Sh*t-faced every night then go around the rooms raising H*ll to make sure everyone knew who was boss. Not a great place needless to say.

In Tuk, the camp was dry as any place could be but of course being in the aviation part of the operation allowed for a certain ability, if one was of the persuation, to import whatever you wanted from Inuvik on the Friday night Twin Otter "laundary" run.

The risk of getting caught however was immediate termination and I never thought a furtive drink was worth it.


It was much more fun when I was 15 sneaking Lemon Gin into the Friday night dance at home.


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Oh dry camps... This is from a former life trying to pay for the helicopter training as a driller. We were industrious lads in a wet camp with friends in a dry camp (who had no access to a vehicle) and thus started the "Dirty Little Anzac Run". That is, an operation that would make Rex Banner cringe... and the beer barons with a tidy profit for little effort.


I with most in that dry camps are dry camps because of a few bad apples (see loud, drunk apples that make it hard for others to sleep) but, in this case a beered up crew... was a productive crew. I would mention that that was a 68 day in a row job... and that this was entirely required for sanity!


Cheers all around with a fine brew and/or cranberry juice! (Depending where your at!)


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I remember a stay in a dry camp in NWT. I was at the a/crew cabins when the caretaker emptied the garbage one day. Upon plopping the big green bag on the ground the sound of empty cans coupled with the effect of the protruding single malt bottle tops having poked there way out on impact was well pretty...dry. I did point out that all the cans and bottles were empty and therefore we had done our best to conform to the camps "dry" policy.


Fortunately quite a number of the camps policy makers shared in our nightly efforts so the issue didn't gain a whole lot of traction other than the caretakers future use of double garbage bags for our can. In case anyones thinking I'm a complete letch, in was a fairly large group and our can was not emptied that often, usually only after a couple of days of complaining about the bears...only fair under the circumstances.


Nice one kjw57!! If I was your ops manager I would have given you a gold star!!!



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I always thought that when I felt it was neccessary to have a drink in a dry camp then maybe I should consider the fact that I may have an issue. when all our in company camps went dry last year I said good maybe drugs should be banned also. A no tolerance policy is in place and tthe problems that were a everyday occurance went away along with a couple people that thought it was there right. I wonder how unemployment is treating them about now. Things have run much smoother and more productive in my opinion. I enjoy a beer or more as much as most but am more than happy to have none. I for one like the dry camps. I am here to work. Then when I am done go home. Simple.

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my camp isnt a heli camp (drilling camp instead) and ours has been dry the whole 3 years ive been there. the leadership starts from the top (push doesnt drink) and he has a zero tolerance policy . some people sneak it, but usually wind up performing less and get run off anyway. Im not sure how long your tours are, but ive done 45 days in camp (working 12hr shifts everyday) with not a single drink, i figure thats pretty good for a 22 yr old roughneck. That being said i barely remember my week off after that, but still my personal thought is keep off the hooch for the time in camp, because you're still being paid a camp sub right?

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