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What's Happening Here.........?

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I've just returned from being away on tour for two weeks, and now after reading through the recent posts on this wonderful website, I see alot of unpleasant insults being thrown around. Sometimes, this has caused the Administrator serious headaches, and to speak-up a few times..........that shouldn't be needed.


What's happening here ?? This stuff isn't necessary or pleasant. You guys know who you are !!!


This website should be for people's enjoyment, not abuse. This has gone beyond good-natured teasing.


You are all entitled to express your opinions, but please speak to each other like you are sharing a dinner table in some camp 300 miles north of Fort St. Nowhere............because before long you might be doing just that.


Can't we all just get along ?? Am I wrong on this ??

Regards, your brother, Cyclic Monkey.


P.S. Just because someone makes an *** of himself by saying something abusive, replying in the same manner doesn't help, it just lowers you to his level.

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Somehow I think that this post is kinda of like an oxymoron(sp?), you know click on image to expand when those lips are present. wrestling pigs who like it.


Anyway; what are some of your favorite oxymorons?


some of mine are; military intelligence(no offense meant, please)


political correctness,


an acceptable vibration,


bad sex,


affordable housing,


Eurocopter Canada(sorry ####)


temporary insanity,


smart bomb,


dry ice,


Last but not least, helicopter flight Ha Ha Ha



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