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Foriegn Workers....

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Nothing unfair about it at all. Go get yourself an Australian work permit or residency and then apply for the job.

All this topic has brought about is moan, moan, moan!! I need something to ***** and complain about, so lets get a mob together with their pitch forks and run out people that I think are making my life worse!

Ask yourself this question. Why does the Canadian Government legally bring in 350,000 immigrants every year??? The answer is simple.

Why would you need 500 or 1000 hours to get a Canadian license because you have a foreign license. That is completely ridiculous. Licensing standards are set and that's it. Get over it!

You know what else we should do - next we should start blaming difference races for job redundancies. If there are any foreigners that have been sponsored for a work permit to work as a pilot or engineer in Canada, irrelevant of the HRSDC 3 year approval, if the company does not need them anymore then they will have to leave Canada. Reason being, they are not allowed to work for any other company other than the one that sponsored them. So if the companies who sponsor feel that they no longer need this employee then thats the end of the story. Bring foreign pilots in when demand is high, if not needed anymore then will be let go just like everyone else who is not needed anymore. Welcome to the real world, everyone is made redundant when there skills are no longer needed. So if you dont have the qualifications to keep your job, then that's your problem. Figure a way to fix it and stop bitching!

Cant believe I even responded to all this BS. Bunch of princesses!!!

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Thanks for the advise Heli duck. Fo the record I have a job but have been in a simlar position and it sucks the big one when you cant pay the Bank. The bottom line is that there is a pretty slim chance of getting any work in OZ Or NZ if you don't have the paper work. Buddies I know have tried to get on with CHC in Oz and its no dice . They will not sponsor a Canadian pilot. So lets cut the crap and look at the facts. Let's not pretend that its an open Global market for Canadians because it is not.


I wonder to if Hepac has responded as it should with HRDC so they are working with current labor stats. Some how I doubt it . It would be nice if Hepac was on point for this one, but I won't hold my breath. Instead we get a video of did you know facts. Don Or whoever is running the thing start raising ****. Lets see some leadership on current events and how Hepac can do something material to improve the situation for Canadian crews. No excuses , no diverting the discussion just get on it. NOW!!!!

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So ummm could the same thing be said about Canadian helicopter companies expanding globaly. There are a number of Canadian companies with machines in the states and many other countrys for that matter and we always seem to hear more of it happening all the time.

Not only are they are taking jobs away from some people from other counties because they send crews from canada to fly these machines but they are taking work away from existing in country companies.

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Make no mistake about it roto nutz good luck getting a job as a Canadian in the USA. Fat chance unless you are married to an American. Getting a green card without sponsorship , forget about it. The US market is way strictor in protecting its jobs for its citizens than Canada. There are only a hand full of Canadian companies in the USA proprtional to the size of the market. There is no comparison. As well companies like CHC that work overseas are bound by local laws. locals 90 percent fly the cojo seats and there is a progressive programs to move them into the Captains seats to replace expats. Ok so there are jobs for foreign pilots in Dubai only because these jobs are beneath the locals. The international market openings even for a pilot with a ATPL are at the very best limited.

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It would be nice if Hepac was on point for this one, but I won't hold my breath. Instead we get a video of did you know facts. Don Or whoever is running the thing start raising ****





I have no way of knowing, so I'll just ask.


Are you a member of HEPAC? If so, your comments are valid, if not, sorry, you can't complain about what they may or may not be doing.


It just kind of sounds like you are not yet a proud member of the organization...





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You HAD mates... or at least you keep telling everyone they are your mates. You stir up this #### without realising that most of us guys are RESIDENTS.


Your comments ripple out very quickly in the community of gaigin antipodeans and we all know who AEG is. I just don't see the point. Your government, society and industry decide your immigration requirements and this year all the residents have suffered alongside their Canadian brothers. Nobody is having any fun - thanks for making it a little worse.


You need to spend a bit more time in the lower mainland to realise that EVERYTHING down here is run by someone from somewhere else. This is Canada, its all about immigration and as far as I remember the only people created here are the First Nations.


I'm #### off to NZ to find a job to raise my children. There has been very little there for most of my career that offers a decent income and since I was a 100hr wonder, I have competed with other pilots for tourism jobs who were Japanese or German. I was scraping by with 1-2 kids and never thought to ***** about it. They were the better man for the job. Stupid me.


BUT HEY, perhaps while I am down there I will stir up the immigration and government to see why so many Canadians are flying in Australia and PNG this summer, while I serve coffee or swing wrenchs to feed my kids. #### me - the concept of a healthy career in NZ.. unbelievable.

Time to get off the can or #### right?



PS: Canada Rocks. I will miss her.

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Skidz up! You nosey parker! Not telling!!

Regardless , my comments and concern are valid.


Lets pretend I was . Consider it a concern of a member.


Lets pretend I wasn't . Consider it a concern of a Canadian Citizen and Canadian flight crew member.


The comments are valid either way.


The one thing we should agree on is that there is no represenation for aircrews, well except for Hepac.......... We have yet to see any press on protecting jobs, sure seen lots of text on deregulation....




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Chairman, watch out for the sheep when you get to OZ, from what has been posted in the past they seem to have a certain attraction.


Happyfeet: Like a certain part of our anatomy (male & female) everybody has one, that is an opinion.


No, I am no longer running HEPAC and that also has been posted here.


You also stated that there was mention of de-regulation numerous times. Well, prior to de-regulation you had to prove there was a need for the extra equipment and license to be placed on the market.


Well recently one company (as rumor goes) closed the doors and returned the helicopters to the leasing company.


Prior to de-reg you had to have equity in the company to obtain an OC and own I believe at least one machine.


ANYBODY THAT KISSES the right rear end in Ottawa can get an OC and lease all the machine's it wants.


If you don't fully understand the implications of regulation and DE-regulation as applied to the helicopter industry, please don't make comments.


In my HUMBLE opinion the industry has to be regulated and not run by the customers whims and pure lack of understanding, should I say, the average mentality of a driller.



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